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Keeping safe at night on campus

As the nights are drawing in and with the campus much darker than in the spring/summer months, it is important to be aware of your safety – and to know what to do if something happens.

Even though our campus is a generally a safe place to be at any time of the day or night, it is important to remember that incidents can happen, as this is an open area that anyone can access.

With this in mind, we want to help our students to be as safe as possible. It’s important to be conscious of your surroundings, just as you would if you were walking around anywhere at night.

The following advice we offer here may seem like common sense, but it can make a real difference in keeping you safe whilst you are out and about on campus – particularly in the dark British winter:

  • Keep your bag closed and fastened, and swing it round to your front so that you can see it and keep your hands on it.
  • Always keep your bag and coat or jacket with you, and don’t leave them on a chair or out of sight.
  • If someone tries to grab your bag, let it go. Your safety is more important.
  • Don’t wander along with your earphones on – particularly after dark - as this could indicate to others that you have expensive personal possessions with you or that you are not alert.
  • Try to avoid using cash machines at night or go with a friend if you have to visit a cash machine at night.
  • Don’t carry large sums of cash, your passport, pin numbers and important documents around with you at any time.
  • If you feel that you are being followed, move as quickly as possible to a public area, and telephone Security for help (01273 873333) – they patrol the campus 24 hours a day, 365 days a week.
  • Look out for the special Security phones that are placed all around all the main areas of campus. You can identify these from the blue light that flashes at night. The locations and a picture of the phones are available on this webpage.
  • Be alert and be brief when using a mobile phone. Be discreet and try to conceal it.
  • If you live in a university residence, don't let anyone follow you in when you walk through the main entrance. This is important for your safety as well as others living there.
  • If you see anyone on campus who you think is behaving in a suspicious way, please let our Security team know as soon as possible. You can do this by calling 01273 873333 or using one of the Security phones with the blue lights.

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By: Tom Walters
Last updated: Monday, 13 November 2017