Student Life Centre

Race and Culture

We recognise that BAME students can face specific barriers and it may feel easier to reflect on their experiences with a BAME Student Life Advisor.

The Student Life Centre therefore offer Race and Culture support sessions on request.

These are confidential, 30 minute, one-to-one (currently zoom or telephone) meetings, where you can:

  • share thoughts and voice concerns, whether that is regarding your experiences as a BME student or any other matter
  • talk openly about your experiences and feelings, discuss your options and give opinions and feedback
  • be heard, respected, understood and supported
  • explore identity, isolation and challenges around inclusion
  • discuss support and resources available, including that which are specific to BME individuals

You are welcome to request direct support from our BAME Race and Culture Lead Advisor. Appointments at the Student Life Centre are confidential and any discussions you have here will be kept within our service.

To book a session email

Please note that all our Student Life Advisors are sensitive to issues of difference and identity and bring a wealth of experience to their roles, including working with matters surrounding race, ethnicity, culture and nationality, BAME students can be confident that all of our Advisors are knowledgeable and supportive but you can always choose to work with our BAME Advisor if that is your preference.

Our aim is to remove barriers to progression and success and to promote understanding and awareness of diversity issues to all members of the University community