Research and knowledge exchange

Policy and Resources Library for Research Staff

Please find below links to a range of internal and external documents relevant to your career as a researcher.

Conducting Research

The full list of Research and Knowledge Exchange Policies sets out all of the University policies related to conducting research. Key University policies and information that may be useful for research staff include:

Other useful research related links and documents:

Your Development

The following links and resources are relevant to your own professional development as a researcher as well as information on the wider context of research staff careers and development.

University pages relevant to research staff development include:

External information:

Your Employment

The University’s Human Resources website contains all of the employment related terms and conditions and policies for Sussex University staff. Key University employment policies and guidance for research staff include:

If you have any questions relating to your employment you should get in touch with your HR contact.

Other useful information relating to research staff employment:

University Strategy and Governance

The following links provide information about the strategy and governance of the University of Sussex that are relevant to understanding the broader context of your role within the University.

Useful Pages

If you can't find the information you are looking for you may find the following pages helpful. 


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