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Career Planning

Whether you have just started a new research position, are nearing the end of a contract, or are somewhere in between, our Canvas area and Careers web page can support you as you work out your next steps and plan your future within or beyond academia.

Coaching and mentoring

The Research Staff Office provides free one-to-one coaching, and also co-ordinates group sessions.

Career Planning Tool

This web-based resource is designed to help research staff identify and pursue their career goals. You'll be guided through deciding what you want, assessing your current skills, and developing a plan for further training.

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The Research Staff Development Series includes a number of career development workshops, including:

  • Where are my Strengths? Identifying Values and Talents to Make Satisfying Career Choices
  • Careers Beyond Research: Applying your Skills Outside Academia
  • Thinking Creatively About Your Career: How to Identify, Develop and Market Your Skills as a Freelancer
  • Aiming for Promotion at Sussex
  • Feeling Empowered at Work: Building Self-Awareness and Confidence to Reach your Goals

For forthcoming dates, please check the listing.


How to Develop Your Independent Profile


 Useful Resources 

Job Search Websites

University of Sussex job vacancies

Guardian job search

Times Higher Education job


Top Career Jobs

Public sector jobs

Research Staff Career Resources

What Research Staff Do Next

The Balanced Researcher Booklet [PDF 2.17MB]

The Career Wise Researcher Booklet [PDF 2.19MB]

The Creative Researcher Booklet [PDF 1.29MB]

The Engaging Researcher Booklet [PDF 1.70MB]

The Enterprising Researcher Booklet [PDF 1.45MB]

The Informed Researcher Booklet [PDF 1.62MB]

The Leading Researcher Booklet [PDF 1.44MB]

University Researchers and the Job Market (AGCAS Publication) [PDF 524.65KB]

University Researchers and the Job Market - Sources and Resources [PDF 213.30KB]

Other Resources

Researchers Guide to the Careers and Employability

Vitae Career Information and Resources

An Academic Career - information for researchers
persuing an academic career path


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