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App Spotlight - Gamification

Every month, we bring you details of apps that we think can be very useful tools for study, work or general life.
There are many thousands of apps available, so we search out those that match our criteria:
Free to use, have many users and receive fantastic reviews.

This month we focus on "Gamification", tools that use techniques that video games use to keep players engaged and work towards goals and rewards in a fun way that can be shared with others.

 Please feel free to suggest apps that you may feel we should include.

Habitica is a self-improvement web application with game mechanics overlaid in order to help the player keep track of and remain motivated to achieve their goals.

The game is laid out in the form of an RPG (role-playing game), in which the player collects items such as gold and armor to become more powerful. Rewards are achieved through maintaining real-life goals, in the form of HabitsDailies, and To-Dos.

a pre-defined Habit can be "1h productive work". This is a positive Habit: if a user records an hour of productive work on the Habitica app, they will gain experience and gold.

a pre-defined Habit can be "Eat junk food". This is a negative Habit: if a user records eating junk food on the Habitica app, they will lose health.

a pre-defined Habit is "Take the stairs". This is a positive and a negative Habit: if a user does take the stairs, they will gain experience and gold. If they don't take the stairs, they will lose health.

Available on Apple IOS and Android, Free to play with in-app purchases
Habitica - Gamify Your Life




Accumulate Todoist Karma points when you complete tasks and maintain daily and weekly task streaks. Visualize all your progress in colorful graphs based on your personal productivity trends. Start by setting a daily goal. Hold yourself accountable by establishing a daily task goal. When you reach the goal, you'll begin building a streak and earning Karma points.

There are 8 levels of Karma to progressively unlock, from Beginner to Enlightened.

The Karma system is basically only a metric to track your task completion habits, it doesn't control your productivity at 100% and can be easily fooled by those tasks that aren't actually part of a productivity/work project (for example, the tasks inside your grocery shopping list).

It's important to keep in mind that this gamification system should work as a way to encourage you being productive, not to just cheat in order to unlock the next level.

However, gamification is an important component of Todoist because it encourages users checking things off from their daily task list and it's a great way to get newbies into the flow of task managers.

Available on Apple IOS and Android, Free to play with in-app purchases
 Karma, a powerful new way to track productivity (