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Using Skills Hub

NEW resources

Are you starting at Sussex in Autumn 2020? Welcome to Sussex! We have created some new resources just for you:

  1. You can use our academic skills checklist  to find out what skills are needed for first-year study and which of them you need to develop further. 

  2. Take our screencast tour of the Skills Hub website. Our second-year students at Sussex will show you the pages on Skills Hub that they have found most helpful.

  3. Listen to our getting started podcast with advice and tips from an Academic Skills Consultant and second-year students. This short recording will help you to prepare for studying at Sussex as our students discuss their experiences and what they wish they had known when they first started.


Skills Hub contains guidance for all students at all levels throughout their time at Sussex, with information pages, interactive tutorials and videos. Here are some ideas for how you can use Skills Hub:

At the start of your course

Find out about university teaching methods and ways you can prepare for study. You can also read students' experiences to get a flavour of life at Sussex.

Studying effectively

Read guidance on all aspects of academic skills or focus on a specific skill that you want to improve. See how to make the best use of the library for research and learn about referencing.

Improving your work

Follow the advice in the writing and assessment section to help you improve the quality of your essays and reports.

Speaking in front of others

The section on presenting and participating in class shows you how to get the most out of seminars and how to prepare effective presentations.

Group workshops

You can attend workshops on all aspects of academic skills throughout the year. There are also writing tutorials available with Royal Literary Fund (RLF) Fellows.

Improving IT and Maths skills

Go to the digital skills section to learn about tools that can assist your studies and facilitate communication and collaboration. If you need to build your confidence in handling data and statistics, head to the numeracy and statistics section.

Revision and exams

When it comes to exams, there is no need to feel nervous. Check out the strategies for efficient revision and exam techniques so that you can feel confident and prepared.
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