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Help for students working in English as an additional language

If you are an international or overseas student and English is an additional language, the English Language for Academic Study (ELAS) service is there to help you. Please see an ELAS advisor reather than booking a Royal Literary Fund (RLF) session. The RLF Fellows mainly work with students for whom English is their first language.

English Language for Academic Study (ELAS)

English Language for Academic Study (ELAS), within the Sussex Centre for Language Studies (SCLS), offers: workshops, which cover aspects of Academic English, including culture and practice (study skills); 1:1 tutorials; and ‘time to write’ sessions. Our aim is to help students who have English as an additional language to continue to develop their English Language and to adapt to UK academic study.

It takes a while to improve language skills, so it is a good idea to make time for this alongside your academic studies throughout the academic year. The workshops, tutorials and ‘time to write’ sessions will help you do this is an enjoyable and supportive environment.


These run throughout the academic year in term time.

Example workshops:

  • The process of essay writing 
  • Speaking in academic contexts
  • Reading critically and taking effective notes
  • Verb tenses; the passive voice and impersonal forms; avoiding vague language
  • Using nominalisation to develop academic style

For a full list and how to book, please click on the link below.


These are offered throughout the year, in both the term and vacation periods. 

The sessions are 1:1. You will spend 30 minutes discussing any aspect of your academic work with a tutor.

‘Time to Write’ sessions

These are sessions which allow quiet time for students to write, with a tutor available 

for questions. These sessions will offer an opportunity to practise aspects of language 

covered in the workshops.

For further information and how to book

The Sussex Centre for Language Studies

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