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Why is referencing important?

It is essential that your assignments show academic integrity and are a result of your own hard work. This does not mean that they must be limited to just your views and opinions but should be developed by thinking about ideas put forward by others. It is very important to be honest about anyone else's ideas that you have used or mentioned in your work and you must acknowledge these sources accordingly. This practice is referred to as citing or referencing and is crucial to maintaining academic integrity. Whenever you directly copy the words of another author (quoting) or put their ideas into your own words (paraphrasing) you must acknowledge that you have done so. This is to:

  • substantiate the knowledge and theories that you present in your work
  • show that you have researched your material, and that the ideas you present have been considered in the light of documented material on the subject
  • demonstrate that you have read a range of sources
  • allow your readers to identify and retrieve your sources for their own use
  • avoid plagiarism


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