Sussex Estates and Facilities

Facilities Management Zone Structure

To facilitate efficient management of our non-residential buildings, all buildings are assigned to one of four Facilities Managers and Zones.

West Zone - Claire Penta (07484 547241,

Bramber House; Jubilee; Essex House; Silverstone; Institute of Development Studies (IDS); Sussex House; York House (Security, IT, and Print)

Lancaster House and Norwich House (offices only - cleaning services only); Health Centre (Counselling only - cleaning services only)

South Zone - Dario Cordoba Hernandez (07484 547292,

Arts A, B, and C; Asa Briggs; Piazza Café; Meeting House; Attenborough Centre; Falmer House; Library; Sports Centre; Sports Complex

Central Zone - Sue Ashfield (07341 683953,

Richmond; Arundel; Chichester I, II, and III; Pevensey I, II, and III; Shawcross; John Clifford West (JCW); Thermo Fluids; Quantum, Fulton

East Zone - Stuart Bettis (07901 518576,

Genome; Trafford Centre; Shore-C; Clinical Imaging Sciences Centre (CISC); Ashdown House; Freeman; Ancillary Building(s) and Biomedical Research Facility; CRPC; Brighton and Sussex Medical School (Teaching and Research); John Maynard Smith (JMS); Friston; Hastings; Aisin Seiki (IMRA UK); Innovation Centre