School of Psychology

Printing in the school of psychology

The Pevensey 1 and 2 communal printers can scan and photocopy as well as print. Here you will find information on how to install them, as well as some of their most useful functions.

Printing in the School is managed by ITS. There are multifunction printing devices in Pevensey 1 2B17 and Pevensey 2 4B6.

To use the devices you will need your unique ID number. Staff members can also access the copiers and release print jobs via their Salto Cards.

The first time you use the machine, you will be required to log in using your usual ITS details. Thereafter, you should just be able to present your card and your printing will be processed. 

The new system supports Follow Me printing. This means that can you send your print job to any networked MFD, then either present your card or enter your user ID at the machine to collect it. This makes printing much more secure.

See below for instructions on installing and using the machines.

Instructions for Windows

To use the new machines, you will need to enter a new printer driver:

  • Click the Start button.
  • Under Search programs and files, type in \\
  • Double click on UoS_Secure_Print. You may need to wait a minute or two for the driver to be loaded.
  • Close any windows that pop up.
  • Under Devices and Printers, set the new print queue, UoS_Secure_Print, as your default
  • Then send all printing to this queue, and you’ll be able to print on any of the MFDs.


For further information, please see the IT Services information page or contact the IT Service Desk using the red help button on the IT Services homepage.

Instructions for Mac

Mac instructions are coming soon!


We also have one Ricoh remaining printer in Pevensey 1. If you'd like to continue using it, the installation instructions are below.

Installing the Pevensey 1 Ricoh printer on Windows

Download the driver by clicking here. Once the file has downloaded, double click it to run it.

A new window will open. Click Next. Accept the agreement and click Next again.

The window will ask you to Select Folder. Click the Browse button and navigate to somewhere easy to find, like a new folder on the desktop. Click Next again.

Now, click on the home/start button and find the Devices and Printers folder. At the top of this window, click Add a printer. You'll be asked which type of printer to install; select the Local printer option.

On the next page, select the option to Create a new port, and from the drop-down menu, select Standard TCP/IP Port and click Next.

You now have the option to enter an IP address. There are two printers; enter for the printer on the left, or for the printer on the right (NB: you can copy and paste these!). Click Next.

On the next page, ignore everything it suggests and click Have disk instead. Click Browse and navigate to the location where you saved the files before! Open the folder, then the subfolder labelled Disk1, until you find a file called OEMSETUP. Select this file, then click Open and then OK.

You will see the option to Type a printer name. You can use whatever you like, but we suggest that you use "Pevensey 1 Left" and "Right" or something similar. Click Next. The printer will install.

But wait! There's more! You will need to input a user code before you will be able to print. Here's how:

In the Devices and Printers window, right-click on the newly installed printer and select Printing Preferences. Click on the Detailed settings tab, and then on Job setup.

You should see a box marked User Code. Input your user code here. Click Apply.

The printer is now ready to use, with one caveat: you will need to repeat this process, using the other IP address, if you want to install both printers.

Installing the Pevensey 1 Ricoh printer on Mac

Visit the Ricoh driver page and download the correct installer file by clicking Choose other OS, selecting yours, and downloading the file.

Double-click the downloaded file, and then double-click the package file icon. Follow the onscreen instructions.

From the Apple menu, choose System Preferences. From the View menu, choose Print and Fax. (If the lower left padlock icon is showing as locked, click it and enter a username and password as instructed.)

Click the + icon at the bottom of the Printers pane to open the Add Printer window.

Click IP on the toolbar. In protocol, Select Line Printer Daemon (LPD). Click the Address field and enter the IP address of your printer ( for the printer on the left, for the printer on the right).

When your Mac is able to communicate with the printer, you will see the message Valid and complete address appear. It should also display the message Gathering printer information.

Click on the Print Using pop-up menu and choose Select printer software. Choose Ricoh Aficio MP 5002, which is the model of these printers. Click OK.

Click Add. In the Installable Options, specify Finisher SR3110.

You will need to input your user code before you are able to print. This can be done the first time you print a document after you install the printers:

Open a document and click File and Print. In the Layout drop down, select Job Log.

Tick the Enable User Code box and enter your user code. Click on the Presets dropdown menu and choose Save As. Name the preset (anything you like, but use something you can easily remember) and click OK. When you print in the future, select the preset you created previously and your user code will be entered automatically.