School of Psychology

Psychology lab space

Find information on lab space for Psychology.

The School has access to a small number of bookable cubicles and slightly larger rooms for experimental work.

Booking of these experimental rooms is done via Calpendo. To book experimental space, you will need to create an account by visiting the Calpendo website and clicking Register new user. For details on how to register, see below. You will be able to log in, search for available space, and make the bookings you need.

We have 11 cubicles available in the Pevensey 1 experimental space (managed by Martha) and 4 cubicles, 3 slightly larger rooms in the old ANC building (managed by Daniel). If there's a problem in the space, or you need help with finding the right equipment or software, contact the relevant technician and we'll do what we can to help.

Individual labs (such as the HPL or Baby Lab) have their own policies for use; if you're a member of one of these labs, speak with your supervisor to find out how you can use this space.

Calpendo for faculty

To get access to Calpendo, click here and then click Register new user. Faculty members should select Dan Hyndman as their supervisor (the admin account), and faculty member as the user type.

Faculty accounts are linked to any accounts held by relevant supervisees. This enables you to keep an eye on how your students are using the space and to see how others are using it. You also have the ability to delete your students' bookings if you see fit. You are also responsible for approving your supervisees' bookings, which allows us to ensure everyone is getting fair access to the space. If one of your supervisees is misusing the space, we ask that you manage this in the first instance.

You are also responsible for approving accounts requested by your supervisees. This is very straightforward: you will receive an email asking you to click one link to approve the request and another to deny it.

Calpendo for researchers working under a supervisor

To get access, click here and then click Register new user. Select the appropriate user type from the drop-down menu, and select your supervisor's name from the list. If your supervisor hasn't registered, they will need to do so before your account can be created. 

Our lab booking policy

The School of Psychology is a dynamic and busy one, carrying out a great deal of research. We'd love to be able to provide every researcher with an unlimited amount of lab space -- but unfortunately, the space we have available does not match the demands of all the department's researchers. Therefore, we have devised a set of guidelines for using space appropriately:

  • Labs and cubicles will be bookable for a maximum of 20 hours a week. These can be sequential or concurrent. Booking multiple rooms or cubicles will be allowed if this is required for experiments. Admins may limit the number of rooms per researcher if demand for space gets particularly heavy. There is no minimum booking.
  • Priority for lab space is according to the nature of the research: for example, studies that involve the use of specific equipment, blackout blinds/daylight, group testing, or noise get priority. Booking lab space to use for meetings, filling out surveys, or coding is not permitted.
  • Admins reserve the right to make changes to bookings or to cancel them if they feel that inappropriate bookings are being made.

Thank you for understanding that it can be difficult to allocate everyone the perfect lab, and that we are doing the best we can to provide the best space we have available.