School of Psychology


Learn how we can help you find the equipment you need for your research.

We have a range of equipment available that can be borrowed for use in research.

Equipment is subject to availability, and we can't always guarantee we'll be able to provide equipment at short notice (although we will always try our best). If you need something for an upcoming event, make sure you contact us in plenty of time so we can arrange this.

We kindly ask that you don't put us, or the psychology admin staff, in an awkward position by asking them to let you in to the technicians' office to borrow equipment when we aren't there. 

What's available

The equipment we can lend consists of:

  • Laptops
  • Touchscreen
  • Video cameras, including tripods
  • Dictaphones, including a transcription kit for interview transcription
  • Phone recorder
  • Smartphone
  • Data projector
  • Webcams
  • Headsets (headphones + microphone sets)

 You can also visit ITS for information about borrowing computing and AV equipment, as well as information about lecture capture.

Equipment in labs

We have various specialist equipment available in labs across the School, including EEG, TMS, eyetracking equipment, video capture, etc.

Use of this equipment is organised through the faculty member(s) who run the labs in question. Your first port of call should be the faculty member in charge of the lab, or your own supervisor.

If you run one of these labs and need equipment bought or maintained, contact your lead technician.

Ordering research equipment for staff

If you are a PI and need specialist equipment ordered for your lab, contact your relevant technician:

  • Daniel for the Cognitive, Behavioural, and Clinical Neuroscience groups.
  • Martha for the Social, Clinical, and Developmental groups.

PhD students should approach their supervisor.

We will need access to the relevant budget. This may be your own or your supervisor's.

As a general rule, we can only order from the University's preferred suppliers. However, if the equipment you need is particularly specialist, we can usually find a way to obtain it. For one-off purchases of specialist equipment, it's often easier to order on the School credit card. Contact your lead technician with details and we will see what is possible.