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Charity Information Gateway

In accordance with the terms of the Financial Memorandum between the University of Sussex and HEFCE, the University makes available on this page links and information concerning its status as an exempt charity under the Charities Act 2006.  This page will be updated annually.

1. The legal name and correspondence address of the HEI.

University address

2. The main constitutional document of the HEI (such as its Royal Charter, Memorandum and Articles, or Trust deed).

The current University of Sussex Charter - Charter [DOC 48.00KB] - last amended 1 March 2012
The current University of Sussex Statutes - Statutes [PDF 89.09KB] - last amended 16 May 2017

Previous version of the Charter and Statutes of the University of Sussex (August 2009) - Charter and Statutes August 2009 [PDF 230.69KB]

3. The names of the trustees on 31 January each year, together with a list of all other charities (if any) of which each trustee is then also a trustee.

The following is a list of trustees (members of the University Council) as of 1 August 2017: 

Ms Kirstin Baker

Ms Fran Barnard

Professor Saul Becker

Mr Chris Brodie (Chair)

Mr Andy Bryant

Professor Jane Cowan

Ms Adrienne Fresko

Mr Mike Fuhr

Ms Katie Ghose

Ms Frida Gustafsson

Dame Denise Holt

Professor Heather Keating

Professor Sir Peter Knight

Mr Martin McCann

Professor Steven McGuire

Mrs Sharmila Nebhrajani

Mr Peter Overbury

Ms Jane Parsons

Dr Angela Smith

Professor Adam Tickell

4. The full audited consolidated financial statements for 2009-10, and each year thereafter until five years of financial statements are available.

University Finance Division website

April 2016

Public Benefit Statement

A summary of the University’s public benefit contribution can be found in our latest Financial statements.