Planning, Governance and Compliance

Raising concerns

As part of expecting staff to understand and comply with these policies and expectations, the University accepts responsibility for adequate signposting, and for providing support and guidance.  Related training needs are assessed and responded-to via the appraisal system. Breaches of these standards and policies, including failure to report breaches by others (especially where there is evidence of an attempt to cover up or disguise wrongdoing), may result in internal disciplinary sanctions, and/or the possibility of prosecution under the applicable area of law. Where it is believed that a criminal offence may have been committed, the police and other relevant bodies may be informed.

Any concerns about suspected breaches of these policies and standards should be raised at the earliest possible stage, in the first instance with your line manager. For further guidance, the Information Manager may be contacted (, marking all communications ‘Private and Confidential’.  Malpractice can also be reported by following the Public Interest Disclosure Policy and related guidance; details of the formal Raising Concerns process will
follow soon:


The University will ensure any concerns are investigated appropriately and any colleague or third party making a report in good faith shall suffer no detriment for doing so and be supported. The University's Human Resources Department may also be contacted for advice and support.