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First e-book for Dr John Gribbin

12 February 2015

Dr John Gribbin has published his first e-book only ‘Before the Big Bang’. ‘The Big Bang was not the beginning of time. Before the...

Fourth round of the Research Development Fund launched today

9 February 2015

The Research Development Fund is designed to develop activities enabling substantive external research proposals.

Planck makes new map of the largest structures in the universe

5 February 2015

New maps from ESA's Planck satellite show the early Universe across the entire sky at high resolution. Using these maps, Dr Antony Lewis, Lecturer in...

Blind student could win £50,000 to develop innovative learning aid

5 February 2015

A blind student at Sussex is hoping to win funding to develop an innovative new device to help blind students learn maths and science.

Sussex mathematicians run 'Mathematical Madness' stand at Brighton Science Festival

3 February 2015

Sussex mathematicians will be running a 'Mathematical Madness' stand during the Bright Sparks Weekend (14-15 February) of the Brighton Science...

Sussex physicists to join CERN on 'Beyond the Higgs Boson' stand at the Brighton Science Festival

3 February 2015

Sussex physicists Professor Antonella De Santo, Dr Fabrizio Salvatore, Dr Lily Asquith and Dr Iacopo Vivarelli will join researchers from the...

2nd year student Daniel Hajas invents the '3D vector board'

3 February 2015

The Department have been supporting some fantastic research into the accessibility of science education. Daniel Hajas, a blind second year...

Fully industry funded PhD secured with Moogsoft

29 January 2015

Dr Istvan Kiss, Reader in Mathematics, together with Dr Luc Berthouze, Reader in Informatics have secured a fully industry funded PhD with industrial...

University of Sussex unveils £10k scholarships for postgrads

28 January 2015

The University of Sussex has more than tripled its top scholarships for postgraduates to £10,000 for the 2015-16 academic year.

PhD student turns star gazing into a medical application

22 January 2015

Pete Hurley, who graduates this afternoon (22 January) with a PhD in Astronomy, has turned a life-threatening illness into stellar success.

Items 31 to 40 of 154

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