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IMA Accreditation for all Mathematics courses

31 May 2016

The Department have received the Institute of Mathematics (IMA) accreditation for the Chartered Mathematician designation. The accredited courses...

Head of Maths and Physical Sciences to leave Sussex

27 May 2016

Professor Peter Coles is leaving the University after three years as Head of the School of Maths and Physical Sciences.

Undergraduate Awards submission deadline extended

25 May 2016

The Undergraduate Awards have recently announced that they have extended their submission deadline to June 14.

EU Referendum: are you registered to vote?

20 May 2016

With the EU Referendum set to take place on 23 June it is hugely important that you know how to vote

International Astronomers to produce the World's first motion picture of our Universe

19 May 2016

The World’s first motion picture of our Universe, being dubbed the ‘greatest movie ever made’, is to be produced by international...

New research shows how silver could solve issues of touch-screen technologies

11 May 2016

A new flexible material for touch-screen devices made with silver nanowires is being developed by Sussex physicists.

Bright dusty galaxies are hiding secret companions

6 May 2016

A University of Sussex study has cleared the air on what lies behind hot dust visible in the distant universe.

ITV search for EU students

6 May 2016

Over the next few weeks, ITV Meridian is covering the EU Referendum with a series of features looking at the views of various EU students.

"Grapheel" wins further business consultancy support thanks to the Sussex Innovation Centre

4 May 2016

Grapheel, an initiative aiming to enhance access to science education for blind and visually impaired learners has won a further £500...

Sussex confirms top-20 place in all major UK league tables

25 April 2016

Sussex has confirmed its place in the top 20 in all three major UK league tables, after climbing three places in the Complete University Guide 2017.

Items 31 to 40 of 229

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