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PhD student Darren de Motte visits UK renowned scientific research facilities

16 September 2015

Physics PhD student Darren de Motte has been given the opportunity to visit two renowned scientific research facilities in the UK this year, the...

Study abroad student in the US lectured by Nobel prize winner

16 September 2015

Student Jack Praill who is studying for a BSc Physics with Astrophysics degree is spending his third year studying abroad at the University of Texas,...

Research Placement exchange programme with Tsinghua University a great success

9 September 2015

This summer as part of our Research Placement exchange programme the Department hosted two students from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. The...

University council member opens international physics conference

1 September 2015

Leading physicists from around the globe are at the University of Sussex this week to discuss the latest developments in atomic and quantum physics.

Astronomers at Sussex measure how fast our universe is dying

14 August 2015

An international team of researchers, including two Sussex astronomers, discovered that the universe is slowly dying.

Sussex physicists probe universe’s earliest moments with neutrino experiment

14 August 2015

An experiment involving Sussex physicists came closer to illuminating the universe’s earliest moments after seeing evidence of neutrino oscillations.

Students give Sussex high marks in satisfaction survey

12 August 2015

87% of students are happy with their experience at Sussex, according to the results of this year’s National Student Survey (NSS), published today.

Physics and Astronomy Summer School 2015 success

11 August 2015

The Physics programme in the International Summer School is now in its final week and students are busy completing their lab reports and assessments.

New grants available to some First Generation Scholars

28 July 2015

The University and the Students’ Union have agreed two new grants for some students in the First Generation Scholar scheme.

Physics student gains a first after suffering a major brain trauma

16 July 2015

This morning (16 July), Sean Butcher will walk across the stage of the Brighton Dome - but four years ago, his parents were preparing for the worst.

Items 31 to 40 of 193

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