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Dr Madzvamuse to lead a presitigious research programme at Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences

7 July 2015

Dr Anotida Madzvamuse, Reader in Mathematics, will be leading a prestigious research programme at the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical...

Sussex physicists inspired play now on at the Theatre Royal

2 July 2015

The latest production of a play partly inspired by Sussex physicists has been garnering rave reviews from local media during its week in Brighton.

Freezing single atoms to absolute zero with microwaves brings quantum technology closer

2 July 2015

Physicists at the University of Sussex have frozen single charged atoms close to the coldest state in the universe using just microwave radiation.

Geordies get a taste of Soapbox Science

25 June 2015

Shoppers in Newcastle on Saturday will hear Sussex astrophysicist Dr Kathy Romer tell them about Dark Energy and why it might tear them to pieces.

MPS team win May fitness challenge

22 June 2015

A team of staff from MPS were named the ‘most inspiring team’ at a lunch to mark the end of the month-long Commit to Get Fit challenge.

Chances of winning the Lottery set to be lower than ever, says Sussex mathematician

19 June 2015

With more numbers and bigger jackpots, Sussex statistician Dr John Haigh says the chances of winning the National Lottery will be smaller than ever.

Dr Istvan Kiss publishes article in 'Womanthology'

12 June 2015

Dr Istvan Kiss, Reader in Mathematics, has published an article in 'Womanthology' where he talks about intuitive parenting to help balance work and...

Mathematics Outreach takes off

10 June 2015

The Department of Mathematics Outreach team is currently experiencing its busiest week to date. From 9 to 17 June, the Department will be running...

Sussex physicists restart particle-smashing with LHC

5 June 2015

Sussex physicists are hoping to discover “new physics phenomena” after the LHC began smashing particles at twice its previous level of energy.

Student film makers produce short film about life of a quantum physicist

3 June 2015

A team of Sussex University student film makers have produced a short film about the life of Professor Winfried Hensinger, a quantum physicist in the...

Items 21 to 30 of 177

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