Department of Physics and Astronomy

Getting your Marks

When can I get my marks?

Your coursework marks are available throughout the course, however no marks are final until they have ratified by the Postgraduate Examinations Board which sits in October each year. 

When is Graduation?

The winter Graduation ceremony is normally in the last week of January. You can find more details on the Graduation webpages. If you have passed your degree, details will be sent to you by post. Please check that your contact details are correct and update them on Sussex Direct if necessary.

What happens if I have failed some of my courses? Can I resit the exams?

  • The decision on offering resits is usually taken during July at an interim Postgraduate Examinations board meeting.Part-time students taking their MSc over two years may be invited to resit first-year fails during their second year.
  • Resits can be normally be taken  during August/September of the same academic year, or you may have the option of resitting in the following academic year.
  • If you are offered a resit, the details of the offer will show on your Sussex Direct account, along with instructions about what to do next.
  • Resit marks are shown on your transcript, but are normally indicated as a "resit".

Please note that up-to-date information on all University regulations concerning assessments and results can be found in the Examinations and Assessment Regulations Handbook, found on the Academic Quality and Partnerships (AQP) Office webpages.