Department of Physics and Astronomy

Postgraduate Students

Department of Physics & Astronomy Student Handbook

   MSc Physics Course Handbook 22-23 MSc Physics Course Handbook [PDF 165.19KB]

   MSc Physics with Education Course Handbook 22-23 MSc Physics with Education Course Handbook [PDF 196.95KB]

   MSc Particle Physics Course Handbook 22-23 MSc Particle Physics Course Handbook [PDF 164.78KB]

   MSc Astronomy/MSc Cosmology Course Handbook 22-23 MSc Astronomy_Cosmology Course Handbook [PDF 164.64KB]

   MSc Quantum Technology Course Handbook 22-23 MSc Quantum Technology Course Handbook [PDF 165.57KB]

   MSc Nanomaterials and Energy Course Handbook 22-23 MSc Nanomaterials and Energy Course Handbook [PDF 163.84KB] 

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