School of Life Sciences

People and contacts

School office

For all general enquiries please contact the school office:

John Maynard Smith (JMS) Building,
Room 3B12a,
University of Sussex
Brighton, BN1 9QG


T 01273 678057
F 01273 877586

Head of School

Sarah Guthrie 
John Maynard Smith (JMS) Building Room 3B12

T +44 (0)1273 872843

Head of School Co-ordinator

Emma Ransley
John Maynard Smith (JMS) Building Room 3B10

T +44 (0)1273 872699

Undergraduate admissions

For all undergraduate admissions enquiries please contact the relevant admissions tutor:

Biology, Biosciences Foundation Year, Genetics, Zoology and Ecology: Adam Eyre-Walker

Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences: John Armstrong

Neuroscience - Ilse Pienaar

Chemistry: Hazel Cox

  Pharmacy: Mike Pettit

Postgraduate admissions

For all postrgraduate admissions enquiries please contact:

Post Graduate Taught:

Josey Wilkin

Post Graduate Research:

Emma Chorley

Course Coordinators

Biochemistry, Biomedical Science, Foundation Year: Sally Rose

Biology, Genetics, Ecology, Conservation & Environment, Zoology, Neuroscience: Lauren Wright

Chemistry: Ashleigh Buss

Pharmacy: Jamie Wyatt 

Postgraduate Taught Course Coordinator: Josey Wilkin