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Police Registration

Some students need to register with the police after arriving in the UK with a visa. Find out whether you (and your dependents if you have any) need to do this, and how you can register.

Do I need to register?

Students from these countries* who also have a visa (or permission to stay in the UK) for longer than 6 months will usually be required to register with the police. A person with dual nationality only needs to register if both nationalities are on the list.

If you need to register, it should usually be written on your visa vignette or BRP as "register with the Police within 7 days" or in some cases (where a person has made an extension within the UK), your accompanying letter may tell you to register. If you are unsure whether you need to register, please check with us

* Hong Kong and Macau passport holders also need to register with the police

Will my spouse and/or my children need to register?

If your spouse and/or children (aged 16 or over) are from one of these countries and have entered the UK as your dependants, they should also have stated on their visa vignette, BRP, or accompanying letter, that they need to register with the Police.

How and when can I register?

Visit this webpage to find out how and when to register

Making changes to my police registration certificate

You must keep your details up to date with the Police, in particular, changes of address. This is very important if you need to make a visa application soon, as the information on your certificate must be accurate. Don't leave it until close to your visa expiry date to update as there may not be enough time.

Visit this webpage to find out how to make any changes to your police registration certificate by post.

You may be asked for your up to date Police registration certificate at a UK border upon re-entry to the UK, so make sure you take this with you.

Re-registering after being outside of the UK for 12 months or longer 

If you have been outside of the UK for around 12 months or longer, you will need to get a new police registration certificate and pay the fee again when you return. This includes students who have been on field work or intermission for 12 months or longer. 


1. It is a requirement of your immigration conditions that you must attempt to register with the Police within 7 days of arrival in the UK, or report any changes to your current certificate within 7 days of the changes taking place

2. If you don’t register, your permission to stay might be shortened and you’ll have to leave the UK. You can also be stopped from getting or extending a UK visa in future 

3. You could also have problems re-entering the UK if you haven’t complied and/or be liable to a fine of up to £5,000. The Police, UKVI and Border Force Officers (at airports and ports of entry) will not accept that you forgot or missed your appointment, as an excuse.


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