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BAME & Women's Coaching & Mentoring Network

The Black and Minority Ethnic and Women’s Support Coaching and Mentoring Network provides an independent support network for staff facing oppressive and exclusionary cultures of academic life and that may be particularly vulnerable to prejudicial micro-aggressions in the day-to-day work and wider social environment. The Network is premised on the idea of building and sustaining a culture of support, development and research success for BAME staff, women, and any other colleagues, offering a space to discuss and find ways to overcome professional concerns arising from institutional stresses and structural obstacles. The Network does not provide counselling, legal support or, indeed, policy advice.

We would like to extend an open call to staff wishing to self-refer to the network. Following self-referrals, coaches/mentors and mentees will be matched and it is envisioned that mentees and mentors will set up an initial meeting to discuss coaching and mentoring possibilities. Most coaching and mentoring is done in 3-6 sessions focussed on specific issues, ranging from publishing aims, to career advancement to life/work balance concerns.

BAME C&M Network monthly social meeting 

Everyone is invited to our in-person social meet ups 11am - 12pm in Dhaba, Arts C, on the first Wednesday of each month
07/02/24; 06/03/24; 03/04/24; 01/05/24; 05/06/24; 03/07/24.

Want support, or to support others?

If you are interested in becoming a BAME Coach/Mentor or receiving support, please complete the relevant form below, and send to

For PhD Students wanting support please beware that we cannot offer coaching and mentoring on issues already part of the supervisory portfolio. Please contact Professor D.P. Tolia-Kelly for further advice.

Already in the Coaching and Mentoring Network?

Further information and links to relevant forms can be found below:

Further information

Watch our Network Launch meeting

Below, you can find some further information about coaching and mentoring. If you have any further questions about the Network, please contact Professor Divya Tolia-Kelly (