Finance Division

Forms (A-Z)

Finance Essentials and Financial Management

Delegated Authority (substitute for approvals) - Request Form

Using the Finance System

New user set up form - Non Finance

Purchasing Goods and Services

Purchasing Card Application

Purchasing Card Application Checklist

Purchasing Card Cash Withdrawal Request

Purchasing Card Limit Increase Request

Contract Management Access Request

Zero Rated VAT form - items over £5,000

Zero Rated VAT Certificate - COMPUTER SOFTWARE

Zero Rated VAT Certificate - Medical, Scientific etc EQUIPMENT

Zero Rated VAT Certificate - Medicinal PRODUCT

Zero Rated VAT Certificate - SUBSTANCE

Using the Finance System to Bring in Income

New Customer Account request form

New Customer Account process note

How to complete a record of cash and cheques

Record of cash and cheques received

Request for a new PDQ (card) terminal for a Department

Request for removal of a PDQ (card) terminal from a Department

Request for a change to a PDQ (card) terminal at a department

Portable Card Terminal Loan Log

Travel and Working Away from Base, Hospitality and Out of Pocket Expenses

Expense Advance Request and Clearance [DOCX 30.55KB]

Student Expense Claim [DOCX 28.99KB]

Visitor Expense Claim Form [DOCX 31.26KB]

Authorising Expenditure (+Delegated Authority)

Delegated Authority (substitute for approvals) - Request Form


University Motor Accident Report Form [PDF 36.51KB]

Computer Insurance Information [PDF 53.37KB]

Liability Insurance Information [PDF 55.50KB]

Public Liability Certificate [PDF 60.19KB]

Employers Liability Certificate [PDF 54.79KB]

Professional Negligence (Clinical Trial)_Insurance Certificate [PDF 383.90KB]

Professional Negligence (Research)_Insurance Certificate [PDF 106.64KB]

Motor Insurance Information [PDF 559.28KB]

Property Insurance Information [PDF 54.71KB]

OTSSRA Risk Assessment Form (Overseas Travel Safety and Security Risk Assessment)


Treasury Investment Management Policy