Finance Division

Forms (A-Z)

Finance Essentials and Financial Management

Delegated Authority (substitute for approvals) - Request Form

Using the Finance System

New User Set-Up Form - Non Finance [DOCX 39.60KB]

Purchasing Goods and Services

Purchasing Card Application

Purchasing Card Application Checklist

Purchasing Card Cash Withdrawal Request

Purchasing Card Limit Increase Request

Contract Management Access Request

Zero Rated VAT form - items over £5,000

Zero Rated VAT Certificate - COMPUTER SOFTWARE

Zero Rated VAT Certificate - Medical, Scientific etc EQUIPMENT

Zero Rated VAT Certificate - Medicinal PRODUCT

Zero Rated VAT Certificate - SUBSTANCE

Charity Advertising Certificate [DOC 32.00KB]

Using the Finance System to Bring in Income

New Customer Account request form

New Customer Account process note

How to complete a record of cash and cheques

Record of cash and cheques received

Request for a new PDQ (card) terminal for a Department

Request for removal of a PDQ (card) terminal from a Department

Request for a change to a PDQ (card) terminal at a department

Portable Card Terminal Loan Log

Travel and Working Away from Base, Hospitality and Out of Pocket Expenses

Expense Advance Request and Clearance [DOCX 30.55KB]

Student Expense Claim [DOCX 28.99KB]

Visitor Expense Claim Form [DOCX 31.26KB]

Authorising Expenditure (+Delegated Authority)

Delegated Authority (substitute for approvals) - Request Form


University Motor Accident Report Form [PDF 36.51KB]

Computer Insurance Information [PDF 53.37KB]

Liability Insurance Information [PDF 55.50KB]

Public Liability Certificate [PDF 60.19KB]

Employers Liability Certificate [PDF 54.79KB]

Professional Negligence (Clinical Trial)_Insurance Certificate [PDF 383.90KB]

Professional Negligence (Research)_Insurance Certificate [PDF 106.64KB]

Hirer's Liability Certificate

Motor Insurance Information [PDF 559.28KB]

Property Insurance Information [PDF 54.71KB]

OTSSRA Risk Assessment Form (Overseas Travel Safety and Security Risk Assessment)


Treasury Investment Management Policy