Finance Division

Policies and procedures

Finance Regulations

Financial Regulations 2015 [PDF 604.09KB]


Purchasing Policy 2018

Purchasing Policy [PDF 503.57KB]


Student Accounts

FAQ - Student Accounts [PDF 31.15KB]

Financial information pay methods

Debt recovery policy [PDF 38.03KB]

Fee Liability for the Academic Year 2017/18 [PDF 108.34KB]



Frequently Asked Questions [PDF 48.71KB]

Bank account information - staff [PDF 9.94KB]

Receipt back up document [PDF 18.31KB]

Receipt back up document GL [PDF 20.42KB]


Accounts Payable

Expenses Policy [PDF 121.19KB]

Expense form rules and regulations [PDF 25.03KB]

Petty cash holders procedure notes [PDF 8.64KB]



Travel Insurance Information [PDF 61.35KB]

Computer Insurance Information [PDF 53.37KB]

Liability Insurance Information [PDF 55.50KB]

Public Liability Certificate [PDF 60.19KB]

Employers Liability Certificate [PDF 54.79KB]

Professional Negligence Certificate [PDF 68.97KB]

Motor Insurance Information [PDF 559.28KB]

Property Insurance Information [PDF 54.71KB]



Low value bids flowchart [PDF 30.86KB]


Taxation - VAT

Zero rated acquisitions [DOC 184.50KB]

Authority and approval to issue Zero Rated certificates [PDF 68.51KB]

Change to the standard rate of VAT [PDF 39.10KB]



Treasury and investment management policy Nov 2016 [PDF 274.56KB]

Socially Responsible Investment Policy [PDF 61.47KB]


Modern Slavery Act - The statement is made in accordance with the requirements of Part 6 of the Modern Slavery Act 2015

Modern Slavery Act [PDF 74.80KB]