Finance Division

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Resources and Financial Year End pages

Please visit our new Resources page. This page contains useful information to help you understand University finances - including webinars from Allan Spencer (Director of Finance), communications to staff and helpful external links.

We have also created a new Financial Year End page where we will upload useful information, guidance and communications to staff to help you plan and carry out your year end activities. Please watch our recently uploaded presentations for an overview of year end activities, and a guide to running reports to check purchasing related transactions are up to date.

Support for staff

Financial Regulations & Financial Delegations Policy

Please ensure that you are aware of, and abide by, your financial responsibilities as outlined in the Financial Regulations [PDF 721.86KB].

The Financial Delegations Policy [PDF 509.98KB] and Finance Systems Access Policy [PDF 205.74KB] support the Financial Regulations. They describe the means by which the principles of the Regulations should be applied in the day-to-day operations of the University with regard to delegations of financial authority and access to financial systems.