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Please do take a look at the below groups and workshops we are offering this academic year.

If you are interested in taking part please can you email in the first instance and we will be in touch with you soon. Do ensure you add the title of the group/workshop you are interested in attending.


Anxiety Management group

A 3 week group running from Wednesday 11th May 2022 at 2pm via zoom. (Please note the November 2021 group has been temporarily postponed)Looking at the physical impacts of anxiety, with tools and techniques how to confront and cope with it.

The group aims to promote a culture of openness and information-sharing. You are able to share as much or as little as you wish.

Panic Attacks

A 3 week group running from Wednesday 20th April 2022 via zoom. Panic attacks are very intense and debilitating. This series of workshops is focused upon reaching a greater understanding in how panic works, which can be very helpful in learning to overcome them. We will offer strategies for coping with the unpleasant experience, and consider how you might be able to overcome them. Don’t let panic stop you attending, everyone is there for the same reason. Let’s overcome them together.

Exam Nerves

A one-off workshop running on Wednesday 19th January at 2pm via zoom. Exams are often in a pressured environment. The group is an exploration of into how our mind-set makes a difference in how we feel on the day, our common fears, how these inhibit us, and what we can do about it to maximise our potential on the day.


A one-off workshop running on Wednesday 26th January at 1:30pm via zoom. People who experience perfectionism have high standards, and do often achieve very well. However, perfectionism can also stop people in their tracks too. One difficulty with perfectionism is that once one standard has been reached, the standards go up, leaving individuals with a perpetual sense of being inadequate. In this group we hope to identify our standards and consider what it might mean to be good enough. 


A 2 week group running from Wednesday 2nd February at 2pm via zoom. We will identify negative beliefs we may hold, our relationship to those beliefs and how to foster a self-image which leads us to feeling a greater degree of self-compassion.

Parental expectations

A one-off workshop running Wednesday 2nd February at 2pm via zoom that explores what it feels our parents might expect of us, how this affects us and how to balance parental relationships with living the life you want.  Features small group discussions where you will be encouraged to share whatever feels comfortable with your peers.

Managing OCD

A 4 week group running from Wednesday 16th February at 2pm via zoom. A safe & supportive classroom style 4 week programme to learn how to manage symptoms associated with OCD . The course provides evidence based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), Exposure & Response Prevention (ERP) and Mindfulness strategies that are specifically designed to help with this issue.  The course is suitable for people who have been officially diagnosed or have worried they may have OCD. 


A 1-off workshop running on Wednesday 9th February at 2pm via zoom. If you find yourself constantly ‘overthinking’ things, looking at the worst-case scenario and feeling tense or hyper vigilant, then this series of workshops are for you. We look at effective worrying strategies, which make a difference in what do, and how to distinguish worries that nothing may be done about, except to let them go. 


A one-off workshop running on Wednesday 9th March at 2pm via zoom. Overwhelmed often? Feel you can’t cope? Too much to do and not enough time? Strong physical sensations causing you to feel uptight? Come and explore some stress management techniques that may help. 


A one-off workshop running on Wednesday 16th March via zoom. Putting things off until the last minute? Missing deadlines? This series of sessions is for you to explore the mechanism of procrastination, some techniques that may prove helpful in overcoming it, and what it means to be a positive procrastinator.


A one-off interactive workshop running Wednesday 23rd March at 2pm via zoom. Do you feel confident saying no? How good are you at sharing your feelings and getting what you want? Discover what might be stopping you from being assertive and how to make small changes. Features small group discussions where you will be encouraged to share whatever feels comfortable with your peers.

Health Anxiety

A 2 week group running from Wednesday 23rd March at 2pm via zoom. If you experience health anxiety, you may have a heightened awareness of strong physical sensations. This often leads people to check symptoms on the internet, repeatedly seeking reassurance from medical professionals or loved ones, or perhaps avoiding medical appointments completely. It is common to fear having a terminal or debilitating medical condition. If you recognise any of these aspects, it might be worth coming to this group to have a greater understanding of just how profoundly anxiety causes physical changes in the body, and how to overcome it.


Feedback from workshops

"Lovely presenters, engaging, made me feel better about coming forward’"

"Really clear and helpful. There can never be too many workshops like this’.

"I've found attending the Panic Group immensely helpful; I feel I'm starting to make progress and am feeling a lot more hopeful and empowered with the help of this group and counselling. I'd just like to thank you for facilitating such a helpful, inclusive, empowering group and for being so approachable, knowledgeable and helpful!"

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