University Counselling Services

Problems with studies

Even when study has not been a problem previously, some people can encounter problems, and the situation can get worse if appropriate steps are not taken. These problems can occur for a wide range of reasons. Sometimes, people who coped well with study at school find university hard to cope with because expectations are higher, and there may be less structure and supervision. New study skills and techniques may have to be learned to help students get the most out their courses.

There can be psychological reasons too. Someone who has a lot of distracting worries or who is dealing with a life crisis of some kind will find it hard to maintain concentration and focus on study. Someone with low mood may well lose interest and motivation in things that previously absorbed them. Sometimes, stress about exams and the fear of failure can result in avoidance behaviours that make failure more likely and create a cycle of stress and self-blame.

Whatever the cause, problems with study can manifest in a number of ways. There may be problems maintaining concentration or with procrastination for example. In all cases it is worth considering contacting a Student Advisor or the Student Support Unit, see University Resources or coming to talk to a counsellor - or both. Contact Reception: