Communications and External Affairs

Professional Services Engagement Group

The Professional Services Engagement Group was created in 2017 to ensure greater information sharing and collaboration across the Professional Services.

The group brings together representatives from across all the divisions as well as representatives of the Professional Services from schools. Its specific remit is to identify opportunities for improved interaction across Professional Services; provide a sounding board on planned engagement/communications activity and to relay feedback from across Professional Services which can be addressed via information sharing and communications.

Members of the group and the divisions they represent include:

Any member of staff in the Professional Services should contact the representative from their division/school if they have any relevant matters they would like to be feed into the group.

Commented Michelle Gordon: “We hope the Professional Services Engagement Group will become an essential forum to help support the drive for a more collaborative culture at Sussex and increase greater awareness of issues across the professional services. It’s important that staff, at all levels and disciplines, have the opportunity to understand what is happening at the institution and then are supported to do what they can to engage at a local or institutional level.”