Posters and flyers

A number of noticeboards around campus display posters and notices with information for students and/or staff.

These are usually maintained by staff in the relevant school, departments or unit.

Members of student clubs and societies who want to publicise their events and activities need to take their posters to the Activities Office on the first floor of Falmer House, where they will be checked to ensure that they are not offensive. Once given the official Students' Union stamp, the posters can be put up on the seven Students' Union notice boards around campus.

Do not fix posters, flyers or stickers to doors, buildings, bins, trees, signposts, lampposts, etc., as these damage property and could be liable for a £50 fine per item from the local council.


Members of student clubs and societies can hand out flyers around campus and/or set up a stall (usually in Library Square). Try to avoid Tuesdays (market day) during term time.

More information

If you are a student from a sports club or society, visit the Activities Office in Falmer House.