Online news and events

Any member of staff or student can submit a news item or event for publication on the central, school, department and/or unit web pages.

Criteria for online news and events

Each of these pages is managed by an editor. The Internal Communications team manage the pages for staff ( and the news and events content on the Student Hub (

News items for these pages should be:

  • timely
  • general in nature (ie of interest and relevance to the majority of staff/students)
  • about the work of the University or about staff and students and their activities at the University.

It is up to the editor of each web page to set the criteria for publication of online news and notices on that page. Obviously any item needs to be relevant to the readers of that page.

Events may be listed on the online events diary if they are University events taking place on campus or elsewhere. Typically, the online events diary carries listings for academic seminars and lectures; arts events (e.g. put on by student societies); staff training; open meetings; sport; etc.

Please do not add events as news items.

How to submit online news and events

To submit a news story or event you need to log in to a system called Broadcast ( This can also be accessed by visiting the staff home page or the student home page and then clicking on 'add news' or 'add event'.

You will have to fill in a short online form, which will ask you for basic information such as title, date, description etc.

The system also includes a 'channel' feature, which enables you to select where you would like your item to be published. If you are the editor of the relevant channel, approval and publication is automatic. If you are not the editor of the relevant channel, you request approval from the relevant editor. No item will be published on a particular channel unless the editor approves it.

Hot tickets

On these pages, we also have a number of fixed links - known as 'hot tickets' - that we use to feature especially important or timely news, events or information.

Information displayed here should be of general interest to staff or students.

These hot tickets are reviewed frequently by us in the Internal Communications team.

More information

If you need technical help with using the web news system, contact the Web Team on ext. 8745 or email

If you have some news that you think would be suitable for the staff news & events page or the Student Hub, or have a suggestion for a hot ticket, call ext. 8888, or email