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Submit your Sussex Plus webfolio and win £100 in Amazon vouchers!


Sussex Plus Webfolio Competition 2014.

First Prize of £100 Amazon Voucher and lower denomination secondary prizes.

Please send your Webfolios to the Sussex Plus 13-14 Gateway by Friday 2 May 2014.

For past examples of Winning Webfolios see


We will review your digital media in the following areas:

  1. A.      Clarity of purpose: is the purpose  of your webfolio clear,  does it have a clear careers focus.
  2. B.      Design: how effective is the design of your webolio, is it easy to follow,  using appropriate imagery and structure
  3. C.      Content: is the message clear, suitable for your audience, and using appropriate quality of language (we can only review in English).


What is a webfolio?

A webfolio is an online e-portfolio that you can use to present the skills that you have gained in your academic, personal, voluntary or work life. You will have a link directly to your webfolio which you can share with anyone; potential employers, friends or family.


Last year's winners

3 webfolios 


To view these webfolios please see our webfolio examples page.

To be a winner, your webfolio can be big or small, but it must dazzle!

If you need any help please get in touch with us at

Closing date is Friday 2 May 2014


Good luck



Using Sussex Plus

  • Create a webfolio
    5 minute video showing you how to create a webfolio
  • Get that job - this short clip shows how job applications are going high-tech 
  • How can I develop my skills? - advice on how to develop your skills by joining in with one of the numerous activities on campus
  • What skills do I have?  
    Sussex guide to help you identify your academic, work and personal skills.