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UK Summer Internship Programme for 2nd years

Applications for the 2020 programme will open in the spring term.

The University of Sussex funds a number of paid 8-week summer internships for eligible second-year students. These work experience opportunities are a great chance to:

  • gain valuable paid work experience
  • develop skills that employers are looking for
  • explore different career options

A majority of the internships will be in Sussex (including on campus) and the southeast and we can support you in finding your own opportunity. All internships are paid at least the real Living Wage (UK rate: £9 per hour, London rate: £10.55 per hour) and you will be working on real projects.

See the student feedback from previous years to find out more about individual experiences.

Application information

Details on how to apply will be sent to all eligible students by email in the spring term. If you would like to prepare, we would recommend that you have a CV created and fully up-to-date, and a cover letter template ready to make applications.

NB: programme details are accurate for the 2019/20 academic year but subject to change in subsequent years.

Equality in employment

You are protected from discrimination in the workplace and through the recruitment process, and we can advise on disclosure issues and your rights in work. We have tailored resources available for our diverse student body.


We offer extended appointments for those with long-term conditions and care leavers. Please email with any questions on equality in the workplace.

See our frequently asked questions
How long are the internships and when do they start?

The internships are full time for 8 weeks and will start in June or July (to be confirmed between you and your employer).

Can the internship be outside of the UK?

No. All internships (even those sourced by you) have to take place in the UK and must be stand-alone work experience.

Can I be employed by the University of Sussex?

Yes, in some cases. Schools of Study may advertise opportunities as part of the programme but you are not able to source your own internship at the University.

How do I apply?

Each opportunity will be promoted on CareerHub. Applications will usually be made by CV and covering letter, but the exact details of how to apply will be given on each advert. You will also have the opportunity to sign up for one of our workshops (dates to be confirmed) for more support.

Do I have to apply for an internship related to my degree?

No. Many roles will be suitable for students from any degree course. Any that require particular knowledge, or a specific degree background, will say so in the advert.

How much will I be paid?

Internships will pay a minimum of £9 per hour. Those based in Greater London will receive at least £10.55 per hour. Some employers may offer more; check each advert for full details.

These rates of pay reflect the real Living Wage.

Do I get any holiday?

You will be entitled to approximately 4 days of holiday. When you take your holiday is to be agreed between you and your employer.

Will I be taxed?

Your pay will have deductions for Income Tax and National insurance as per any other employee. There is no exemption for students working over the summer. If you will not be working again until next April you can usually reclaim overpaid tax from HMRC.

You can calculate your likely deductions using this tax calculator.

Where are the internships?

A majority of the advertised opportunities will be in Sussex (including on campus) and the southeast. If you want to find an opportunity elsewhere - for example, if you come from Leeds and want to go back home for the summer - we can support you in finding your own experience.

See 'Can I find my own internship?' below.

Can I find my own internship?

If you find your own summer internship, and it fits in with the Internship Programme criteria, we may be able to help fund it. Employers will need to comply with the terms and conditions of the programme but opportunities can be anywhere in the UK.

See our employer information page for more details and email if you have any questions.

Are there a limited number of opportunities?

Yes. We have limited funding but usually, have more opportunities available than we can fill. Some opportunities may be more competitive/popular than others, and attract a higher number of applications.

How can you help me?

Sign up for one of our sessions in the Careers and Employability Centre in the spring term to help you to make the best application you can and secure an opportunity. Details of these will appear on this page.

You can also book an appointment with a Careers Consultant or ask a question online to get feedback on your applications.

Are there any resources that can help with my application and interviews?

We have lots of useful resources on our website that can help, including:

There is advice on applying for jobs more generally and don't forget you can also book an appointment with a Careers Consultant in the Careers and Employability Centre.

Can you help with accommodation or transport?

We are unable to help with sourcing accommodation or paying accommodation or transport costs. Any costs should be paid for out of your wages.

Who can apply?

These internships are open to eligible second-year students only. For full eligibility details see: Introducing the scheme.

Can I apply for a UK summer internship and another funded programme?

Yes, but you can only accept one opportunity. You cannot do both a UK summer internship and take part in another funded opportunity through the scheme.