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Part-time and summer jobs

If you’re looking for a part-time job, you can search for student jobs on CareerHub that pay at least £8.21 per hour and you can use our list of other job sites to continue your search

Latest jobs on CareerHub

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Read our booklet Part-time work [PDF 91.26KB]

Local job sites

We do not vet jobs on external sites to check that they obey minimum wage laws and other regulations. You can email us at if you have queries about an external job.

We also recommend that you look in Brighton for job adverts. Many shops, restaurants and bars do not advertise online, but put adverts in their windows instead. Keep your eyes open!

Summer and vacation work

In addition to CareerHub and the sites above, the following specialise in vacation work:

International students

If you haven't worked in the UK before, you will need a National Insurance Number.

There are likely to be restrictions around the type of work you can do and the hours that you can work.

See our information about working during your studies.

Read our booklet Working in the UK [PDF 102KB].

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