Careers and Entrepreneurship

Making connections


Think about the experience and skills you have been building from your course, work, hobbies and interests. Explore different career areas you might be interested in. Start making connections between your experience and your explorations.

There is no need to narrow things down or rule things out. Start by ruling things in. Then look to gain experience in the areas you want to find out more about and start exploring your options again. Remember that no experience is wasted experience. You will build transferable skills whatever you do and will be able to use your experience to inform your decision-making.


Use the Sussex Connect to make connections with Sussex graduates from around the world. Find out what a particular job or type of work is really like and get direct advice from a professional in a job role that interests you. Look at networking, information interviewing and using social media. Think about what you can do to start making connections and use those to help your exploration.

The ultimate way to make real connections is to start applying for jobs. Bring your experience, skills and explorations together to reach out to employers and make strong applications.

See also

  • Skills typically developed at Sussex [PDF 92.05KB] - Having a clear idea about the skills you have developed at Sussex will help you find work that suits you. It will also help with your CV and at interviews. Think about how you have demonstrated these skills in different areas of your life, too
  • Getting advice - book appointments on CareerHub (login required)
  • Search for jobs - use our jobs database
  • Applying for jobs - use your degree, personal skills and work experience to create winning applications