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What is Skillclouds?

Skillclouds is a resource for undergraduate students in Sussex Direct. It shows you the main skills you are developing on your degree course.

How can I use Skillclouds?

You can click on any skill listed in your cloud to show you more information. This may include related assessments you have done and feedback from your tutor. There are also examples of how you can demonstrate your skills on your CV or in an interview.

How can Skillclouds Help me?

Skillclouds can help you to:

  • understand the skills you are developing on your degree course;
  • improve your confidence in articulating your skills;
  • think about and plan for future employment or further education;
  • complete the academic section of your Sussex Plus webfolio.

How can I access my Skillcloud?

To view your Skillcloud log into Sussex Direct and select Skillclouds from your Study tab. Watch our Skillclouds video to see a geography student using Skillclouds to help with her Sussex Plus webfolio.

If you have left Sussex and no longer have access to Sussex Direct you can visit the general Skillcloud Demo resource.

Contact: If you are having any difficulties accessing your Skillcloud or have any questions about Skillclouds please contact us at