Student Life Centre


Find out what to do if you're experiencing personal or health issues and you're finding it difficult to attend classes, submit work or sit exams.

Missing classes

If you've missed a class you should: 

  • email the tutor to apologise
  • catch up with missed work (you can find some lecture notes online). 

If you are unable to attend or engage for more than 6 days due to illness, incapacity, emegency or other vaild reason you should contact the School Director of Student Experience (DOSE) via the School Office. Thie policy on authorised attendance can be found via

Your school will advise you on your attendance level and a Student Life Adviser may contact you to offer support.

If you're finding it difficult to get to your classes you should contact a Student Life Adviser for help.

School set the attendance requirement for scheduled teaching sessions, and students who fail to meet this could be asked to withdraw from their studies.

If attendance is a concern, you will be contacted by your school and should tell them if you want to remain on your course. In rare cases, schools can instigate a process to permanently withdraw students who are not attending.

Submitting work late 

If you submit work late you may face some penalities. 

Formal assessments

If you do not submit a formal assessment you will receive a fail for the piece of work, which may make it difficult to pass the year. 

If you fail to pass a module you will be offered the chance to 'resit' during the summer but the maximum mark awarded will be capped at the pass mark.

You can see the rules and regulation for credits and marks in your student handbook.

Health or personal issues

If you've suffered from illness or have experienced personal issues that have caused you to submit work late or miss exams, we may take this into consideration when marking your work. This is called Exceptional Circumstances. For more information see Academic Development and Quality Enhancement.  

You can also speak to staff at the Student Life Centre who can advise you on submitting an Exceptional Circumstances claim and identify any additional support needs.