Sussex Estates and Facilities

Car parking

Car parking for football supporters 

On 30 match days per year the football club use some parking spaces in five designated car parks at the University, in addition to spaces elsewhere in Brighton.

Campus access - for up to 1,100 cars on Saturdays and 700 on weekday match days - is only via the link road  through Stanmer Park. Stewards are in place at this entry point to campus.

The parking arrangements are tightly managed and controlled by the football club in partnership with the University.

Parking on campus is subject to a formal management contract between the club and the University and one condition is that appropriate University representatives are part of the team managing travel to and from stadium events.

The contract also specifies that University of Sussex car parks can be used only by season-ticket holders or corporate guests fans, who display a pass to prove that they have pre-booked parking.

The car parks designated for use by the football club are the Sportcentre (P5), Sussex House (P4), Biology Road (P3), Science (P1) and Innovation Centre (P2, weekends only) car parks.

Fans follow specific pedestrian routes and they are not allowed to use any other part of campus. Stewards manage the arrival and departure of fans from campus.

The football club pay the University an annual six-figure sum for the use of its car parks during matches and other events.

Car parking for Sussex staff, students and visitors

Campus access for staff, students and legitimate visitors on match days is via Knights Gate Road. Stewards are in place at this entry point to campus.

On Saturdays only, the use of space is maximized with the use of block parking - i.e. bumper to bumper and not in parking bays. Students and staff are therefore asked to move their cars from the designated car parks by the time match parking starts (i.e. 12noon on the relevant Saturdays). If they don't do this, their car risks being blocked in and they won't be able to move it until after the match!

A table provides an up-to-date list of the days and times on which specific car parks will be reserved

Staff, student and visitors can park in other car parks - Arts (P7), Park Village (P8), Lewes Court (P9) and East Slope (P10) - as normal and to use all those facilities and services on campus that would normally be open.

Car parking by other drivers on match days

Other than season-ticket holders with a pass to park and legitimate campus users, no other cars are allowed access to campus on match days.

Parking on non-match days

Football fans park on the University campus only for strictly specified matches and other events. Season-ticket holders are not allowed to park on campus at any other time.

The day-time use of the stadiumdoes not involve University parking facilities. The stadium itself has parking for 150 cars, which is enough for whatever activities take place during their normal working day.

Travel management

Every three months a travel management group (involving the football club together with Southern railway, the bus company, police, etc) meet to monitor arrangements and make alterations as necessary.