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T 01273 67 8234

Emergency phone number: 01273 (87) 3333


Bramber House

Emergency Phones

Consult our emergency phones map for a full list of emergency phones on campus.

The Security Centre is available 24/7, including bank holidays.

You can contact Security via phone at 01273 67 8234. The Security reception is available at the north entrance to Bramber House, opposite the Student Centre.

To arrange for a security escort around campus, and to and from Falmer station, please contact the Service Centre on 01273 (87) 7777 or, or alternatively you can contact Security directly. 

If you have an emergency whilst on campus, you can contact the Security team 24/7. Security can contact the Residential Life Team out-of-hours when necessary.

Sussex Estates and Facilities operates a 24-hour a day, 365 days a year Security service for the University. Our aim is to ensure that a secure environment is created for all students, staff and people visiting or using the campus and for their personal property. In addition, every effort is made to maintain the security of the buildings and equipment owned or used by the University.

Services provided by the Security team

Maintaining a safe and secure environment for all campus users

  • We maintain a 24/7, 365 days a year presence with a staffed reception, patrols and monitoring of technical equipment designed to ensure safety and security on campus.
  • The Security Centre is equipped 24/7 to respond to emergency situations. All Security Officers are trained in first aid.
  • We provide escorts for emergency vehicles on campus.
  • We monitor lone-worker procedures on occasion.
  • We can provide an after-dark security escort facility for lone persons, both on campus and to and from Falmer Station.

Protecting both personal and University property

  • We patrol campus on a 24-hour basis ensuring that the premises are always secure.
  • Security officers monitor CCTV and utilise other crime prevention equipment.
  • Security will respond to fire, plant and other alarms.
  • We are able to advise on property protection matters.
  • We analyse data and reports to ensure that our procedures are optimised, and that our staff are always aware of any trends or need for extra vigilance.
  • From time to time, we will conduct property protection and anti-crime advertising campaigns to ensure campus users are aware of how they can help maintain safety and protect their property.
  • We can provide a security input into a Unit's training programme if requested.

Lost Property

  • Lost property from all buildings on campus will be moved to the Security Control Room, where it will be retained for a period of time in a lockable cabinet until claimed. Residential lost property may be retained in the Porter's office for up to 4 hours before being handed to Security.
  • Perishables such as food and drink, and any items of clothing will not be held at Lost Property.
  • If the apparent owner of any lost property can be identified, they will be e-mailed to reclaim their property.
  • Lost property is retained for three months only after being handed to the Security Centre. Any unclaimed property after this time will be disposed of.

Crime prevention, reporting and investigation

  • We ensure all incidents of public disorder are dealt with swiftly and appropriately.
  • In the case of any other crimes, we ensure the individual affected is helped with reporting the incident to the police, and with the correct evidence retention procedure. Where appropriate, we can instigate University insurance claims.
  • We use and provide information to assist in internal investigations and the prevention of further criminal actions.

Assisting with traffic on campus

  • The Security Centre will assist with ensuring that all impediments to the free-flow of traffic are removed as quickly as possible, while in the meantime assisting the flow of traffic.
  • When there is a need for road and car park closures or diversions, we assist in ensuring sufficient temporary arrangements are in place to maintain safety and sufficient movement.
  • For more information on handling traffic on campus, consult our Transport pages.

Assisting in the maintenance of Health & Safety standards

  • We ensure that defects in paving, roads, lights or any other matter affecting Health & Safety are temporarily made safe, and reported to the appropriate office or person for rectification.
  • Our officers carry-out a weekly check on all campus emergency telephones.
  • We assist in the weekly check of all fire alarms.
  • On closure days, when the Security Centre is the sole representative of the University present, we ensure that the University's duty of care to residents is fully maintained.

Escorting of cash and other items of high value

  • We will escort persons carrying high value items in transit on campus in accordance with the Unit's Risk Assessment.
  • We ensure the safekeeping of University valuable property, particularly during off-campus events.
  • Security officers ensure the safe transfer of examination papers between sites on campus.

Terrorism and kindred matters

  • Through liaison with police and the Security Services, we ensure that any information in regard to potential terrorism and kindred matters likely to affect the University is disseminated to the relevant persons.
  • We ensure that particular 'at risk' visitors are protected while on University premises. Risk Assessments will be constructed in conjunction with the police.
  • We ensure suitable precautions are taken to ensure the safety of all invited guests taking part in a University function, especially individuals such as political figures and military personnel.

Protection of off-campus University property, staff and residential students

  • The Security Centre will act as a liaison point for any emergency occurring out of regular hours, and ensure that necessary remedial action is taken.
  • Security officers will attend locations on campus at all hours to physically check the security of the site.

University Ordinances and regulations

  • When breaches occur, we supply the University with full reports upon which to base any proceedings.

Weather monitoring and response

  • The Security Centre runs a 24-hour weather watch service to alert necessary response to severe weather conditions, such as snow, ice and high winds. The Security Control Room and Security officers will carry out weather monitoring, and where necessary will alert the Grounds team to provide snow and ice clearance to protect the safety of the University users.

Unlocking and locking of buildings

  • Security staff will be responsible for locking and unlocking any building opened for SussexFood, contractors, and specified building users upon request.

Out of hours Security point of contact

  • The staffed Security Control Room will be open 24 hours a day, and will be the main point of contact on the premises for residential students, staff, and visitors outside of normal working hours. The Control Room can be contacted in person or by telephone, and will either provide appropriate Security advice there and then, or arrange for a Security offcer to visit personally and respond to any enquiries.

Out of hours Service Centre contact

  • From 6pm to 8am, calls to the Service Centre will be taken and logged by the Security Centre.

Car Park Monitoring

  • Security officers monitor all car parks on campus as part of their regular patrols. Security officers are able to provide support to parking enforcement officers if requested.