Sussex Estates and Facilities


Opening times

8am to midnight, every day


Refectory Road, between Swanborough blocks 2 and 3


Clothes wash: £3.60

Clothes dryer: £2.10

Full service wash: £10 (available 8am to 1pm)

Download the Circuit Laundry app via the iOS or Android app stores.

Our launderette is situated on Refectory Road, between Swanborough blocks 2 and 3, near to Bramber House. It is the campus’ main launderette for all students and staff, as well as any society situated at the University. The launderette is open 8am to midnight, seven days a week.

The laundry staff are available from 8am to 1pm on weekdays, during which time service washes can be booked at the launderette. It is recommended that you book no later than 12:30pm if you need a service wash the same day, as our staff are often busy with booked washes for most of this time.

We also operate a number of smaller self-service launderettes within the residences, located in Lewes Court, Stanmer Court and Northfield. These are available for campus residents only.

Circuit Laundry

All washing machines and laundry systems are operated by Circuit Laundry, an integrated system that allows the easy payment and operation of washing machines. Simply sign up and download the app, available on all Apple iOS and Android smart phones.

Circuit allows you to pay for laundry either by PayPal on the app, by card through the app, or through a card reader on the machines themselves.

If you are experiencing an issue with the Circuit Laundry system, either with the app or the machines, contact Circuit on 01422 820360 or visit the Circuit website for more information.