Sussex Estates and Facilities



Please contact the Service Centre for all queries relating to litter, rubbish, clearance problems and ad hoc work requests relating to grounds and sports grounds.

T 7777 (external: 01273 87 7777)


For comments, feedback or questions about Grounds services, please contact the Service Centre.

The University’s campus environment is a major asset and an integral part of the architectural heritage. Today the campus is home to approximately 158 species of birds and 32 species of mammal, including three social groups of badgers and several bat colonies.

The Grounds team at Sussex Estates and Facilities take great care to protect and support this natural heritage. Careful maintenance ensures that the downland environment is reflected across campus and is enhanced in a variety of planned improvements. This includes co-operation with the Life Sciences department in supporting local wildlife, and working with student groups such as Sussex Roots in building allotments.

We also undertake various seasonal activities following research and approval, such as extensive tree planting during the Autumn and Winter months based upon local tree survey data to supplement existing trees, beehives and similar habitats on the western edge of campus working alongside Life Sciences researchers at the University, and the ongoing restoration and development of chalk grassland on the West Slope, which will be heavily supplemented by chalk deposits displaced by the East Slope development.

The University’s sports grounds facilities are also maintained to the required standard for each sporting activity.