Sussex Estates and Facilities



Please contact the Service Centre to request ad-hoc cleaning.


For comments, feedback or questions about cleaning on campus, please contact the Service Centre.

Routine cleaning is undertaken by a team of academic cleaning operatives working a variety of shift patterns during the day, allowing our staff to maintain academic spaces to a high standard of cleanliness for each working day. We also have a large team of residential cleaners that maintain student accommodation on campus.

During the day, there are dedicated day janitors available on campus from 8am until 4pm. Janitors undertake routine cleaning maintenance during normal hours, such as refreshing toilets and replacing disposables, as well as responding to cleaning requests as needed.

Our cleaning supervisors also work from early in the morning to replenish consumables, check equipment for the coming day, and allow handover of any key operational matters to the Cleaning Manager.

Office Accommodation

  • Cleaning and waste removal take place in offices depending on the office occupancy. Check the sticker on your office door to determine how often your office is cleaned.
  • If you need more information on cleaning schedules in your building, please contact the Service Centre.

General Teaching Space (GTS)

  • All general teaching spaces are cleaned and prepared daily prior to any teaching.
  • If you have an event that requires additional waste removal afterwards, please contact the Service Centre to arrange ad-hoc cleaning and waste removal. Any waste from catering orders (via SussexFood) is tidied and removed by SussexFood catering staff.

Common Areas

  • All common areas are cleaned daily, including a vacuum, sweep, and/or wash of floors, and cleaning of furniture.
  • Staff kitchens are cleaned daily.
  • Please ensure that all surfaces are cleared of kitchenware, food, glasses, etc. at all times to allow cleaners access to clean the area. Cleaning operatives do not wash up kitchenware, and cannot clean a space if it is obstructed by items.


  • Toilets are cleaned and washroom consumables replenished daily.


  • Cleaning services are carried out Monday to Friday, with emergency cleaning available outside of these times via the Service Centre.
  • Our cleaners only clean student rooms during vacations or for a change of occupant, and instead carry out an end of term deep clean.
  • En-suite facilities in residences are cleaned once a month, for which students will be given at least 24 hours notice.
  • Communal areas including kitchen areas, washrooms, TV rooms, foyers and hallways are cleaned once a week.

Residence turnaround

  • The turnaround for a new occupant includes cleaning of furniture, bedframes, mirror, carpets, bins, shower curtains, and walls.
  • Any room that becomes vacant during the academic year will be fully cleaned before the next occupant moves in.
  • Should the outgoing occupant leave belongings in the room, two members of the cleaning team will clear the room and place items left behind in a clear plastic bag. The bag will be labelled and kept in lockable storage within the residence.
  • Disposal of unclaimed items will be carried out in accordance with University guidelines.

Internal cleaning of glass surfaces

  • Internal glazing such as door vision panels and glass balustrades are cleaned twice a year in accordance with the cleaning schedule covering that area.
  • Requests for additional cleaning outside of the scheduled clean can be made with the Service Centre.

External window cleaning

  • Windows will be cleaned at least twice a year although front of house areas will be cleaned more frequently.