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Health and Safety

For major first aid incidents, call the central security switchboard on 3333 (external or mobile 01273 873333) who will co-ordinate the emergency response. Do not dial 999 for ambulances/fire brigade etc., otherwise valuable time can be wasted for emergency vehicles getting lost on campus.


General Information

MAH has four Health & Safety Coordinators -

Carmen Long, Senior Operations Manager. Email: or telephone 01273 678023
John Williams, Senior Technical Manager, or telephone 01273 873434
Danielle Salvage, Assistant Operations Manager, or telephone 01273 877538
Adam Elliott, Technical Supervisor Demonstrator, or telephone 01273 873636

The Technical Services team carry out Risk Assessments, perform daily inspections of the facilities and check all equipment thoroughly when it is returned, however, if you see anything dangerous or potentially harmful, please report it to a member of staff.

For specific H&S information, please select your subject area:

Creative & Critical Practice

MAH Health & Safety Student Induction - Creative & Critical Practice


MAH Health & Safety Student Induction - Drama


MAH Health & Safety Student Induction - Journalism


MAH Health & Safety Student Induction - Music

First Aid

The First Aiders in MAH are:

Danielle Salvage (Assistant Operations Manager, Arts A110), extension 7538
Niks Gjortz (Senior Technician Demonstrator (Sound and Drama), Silverstone SB254), extension 3636

There is a First Aid box outside the School Research Office (SB220).

For major first aid incidents, call the central security switchboard on 3333 (external or mobile 01273 873333), not 999.

Fire Safety

Fire escape routes are clearly marked and there are posters visible throughout the building. Should the fire alarm sound you must leave the building immediately via the closest fire exit and go to the nearest assembly point. The fire alarm is tested weekly in Silverstone building on a Wednesday at 9.20am.

There are fire wardens appointed for each corridor in Silverstone. They are responsible for ensuring safe and speedy evacuation whenever the fire alarm sounds.

Fire doors are clearly marked and are located throughout the building, they must never be propped open and are to be kept closed at all times. Some fire doors are fitted with an automatic release and in the event that the fire alarm sounds these doors will close automatically.

Fire extinguishers are located throughout the building, they must never be moved or tampered with. Only trained staff are permitted to operate a fire extinguisher.


ID and Access Cards

All students and staff are issued with a University of Sussex ID & Library Card and students who are enrolled on practice degrees are also issued a separate Access Card. The ID & Library Card acts as your identification and is also used to sign out loan equipment.The Access Card will be programmed to allow you to gain access to Silverstone building and specific MAH facilities such as studios, computer labs and edit labs.

ID and Access cards must only be used by the user they are issued to.


The School aims to ensure that everyone receives sufficient information, instruction, training and supervision as set out in the following policies:

Risk Assessments

Where there is potential risk, there should be a risk assessment. Here you can find them for the various facilites and equipment that you have access to in the School.

MAH Equipment and Facilities Risk Assessments

Photography/Video Studio

Foley Studio

Computer Labs