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What is a PEEP?
A PEEP is an individual’s escape plan for those who may require extra assistance in the event of an emergency building exit. To evacuate rapidly and safely to a place of relative safety, the individual may require help, guidance or special equipment.

Who requires a PEEP?
Students, staff and regular visitors who have mobility, hearing, sight or cognitive impairments and/or would have difficulty quickly and safely exiting the building or making their way to a relative place of safety require a PEEP.

A temporary PEEP may be necessary for those with short term conditions, e.g. a broken leg or those in later stages of pregnancy.

What is included in a PEEP?
The PEEP details:

  • The individual’s main buildings and rooms on campus

  • The personalised evacuation procedure

  • Methods of assistance (guidance, procedures etc.)

  • Equipment required (including means of communication, use of Evac-chairs etc.)

Who to contact if I or someone I know requires a PEEP?
Please contact the Health and Safety Team if you/someone you know requires a PEEP. The Health and Safety Team will make contact with the individual and the School to discuss a PEEP which covers an academic building. For Residential PEEPs, the Health and Safety Team will make contact with the individual to develop one.

If the individual is based in academic and residential buildings, one PEEP can be discussed with the individual and School or Directorate