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CPD Bites


CPD Bites are short, video recorded conversations about projects that focus on an aspect of your classroom practice. They reflect current activities in the School that support teaching & learning and develop scholarly teaching. The videos give an idea of the kinds of teaching and learning initiatives happening across the School.

Do get in touch with the speaker if you'd like to exchange ideas. The videos may also stimulate ideas about your own teaching and scholarly activities. Get in touch with Sue Robbins, Director of CPD, if you’d like to contribute to the series.

The MAH Scholarship Blog offers an opportunity to share your scholarship with colleagues and demonstrate influence within the School. In particular it:

  • promotes case studies of teaching, learning and scholarship, providing a space for staff to share their practice and situate it within the academic literature and professional standards.
  • includes case studies that have been informed by existing research and scholarship as well as those that may be experimental or responsive to classroom experience where engagement with scholarship has grown out of the reflective practice the blog seeks to encourage.
  • aims to support staff in recognising how their practice maps onto the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF), which not only reinforces the professionalism of our teaching, learning and scholarship work, but helps colleagues to identify/evidence how they meet criteria for Associate Fellow, Fellow, Senior Fellow and Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.
  • functions as a place to celebrate great practice in our School, and offers an opportunity to publish examples of scholarly teaching, or scholarship of teaching and learning, and/or serve as a space for reflecting on work-in-progress which you might want to develop further for national or international dissemination. 


Semantic Waves and Writing Skills with David Munn

David Munn, Lecturer in Language Studies, talks about his project teaching writing and research skills using Semantic Waves. If you'd like to know more about the way he has applied theory to practice you can read his article in the Journal of Academic Language & Learning.

Inspiring Lecturing with Steve Creffield

Guest speaker Steve Creffield, Director of Evolve Integral,gives an overview of the 'Inspiring Lecturing' workshop that he'll run for us at Sussex on 6 April.

Developing Inclusive Curriculums with Katharina Rietzler

Dr Katharina Rietzler, Senior Lecturer in American History, talks about developing an inclusive curriculum. Katharina recently received an Honorary Mention in an inclusive curricula competition.

Modelling Thinking with Jim Endersby

Professor Jim Endersby talks about modelling thinking during lectures to help students develop the skill of argumentation. Here's a one-page summary of some of the research in this area Modelling & thinking aloud. Poster defining 'Modelling Thinking' and different aspects of its use in language

Sussex Writes with Emma Newport

Dr Emma Newport, Senior Lecturer in English and Director of Sussex Writes talks about the student led outreach programme she has developed. Go to the Sussex Writes website

Collaborative Online International Learning with Patricia Couturas

Patricia Couturas, Lecturer in French, talks about her Collaborative Online International Learning (COIL) project between Sussex and the University of Reins, France.

Inspiring Lecturing Reflections

Participants in the Inspiring Lecturing workshop held in April summarise the six different lecturer-student interactions that can occur. Participants found it useful to reflect on whether/to what extent each of the interaction types feature in their lectures/seminars, and how well each interaction type suits their context.

Supporting International Students in Higher Education with Sarah Watson 

Dr Sarah Watson, Academic Developer for MAH, talks about supporting international students as they transition into HE. Here is the Welcome pack that she talks about.

Inclusive Teaching with Liam Harper, Katherine Kruger and Ronan McKinney

Dr Katherine Kruger, Student Academic Success Advisor & Lecturer in Community Engagement, Dr Ronan McKinney, Lecturer in English Literature, and Liam Harper, Student Inclusivity Connector, student talk about inclusive teaching and the Foundation Year Inclusivity Student Connector Project.

If you would like to replicate or adapt this project to run it on your degree course, please get in touch with Katherine Kruger who is happy to share any of the materials - from the project proposal and outline to the module review templates the student Connectors designed.

English Language for Academic Study at ZJSU Joint Institute with Matt Walpole

Matthew Walpole, English Language for Academic Study (ELAS) Lecturer for the Science Cluster, talks about his research into & development of resources to support the writing of lab reports, and a workshop he delivered to students at our partner institution ZJSU Joint Institute, China.


Evaluative Judgement with James Bartoli-Edwards

James Bartoli-Edwards, MAH first year PPE student (now studying MA Corruption & Governance in LPS), talks about understanding feedback and the development of Evaluative Judgement (the capability to make decisions about the quality of your own work) in a presentation at the annual Foundation Year Network Conference at Sussex in July 2019. A written version appeared in the Journal of the Foundation Year Network

Kampala Yenka with Joseph Walton


What helps make a succesful seminar? with MAH Success Connectors

Abbie Collins and Tobey Ahamed-Barke, MAH Student Success Connectors, talk about what helps make a successful seminar.

Tim Bradshaw and Employability and the Curriculum

Tim Bradshaw (, MAH Careers and Employability Consultant, talks about embedding employability into the curriculum. 

Here's the link to the 'Embedding Employability and Entrepreneurship Toolkit' Canvas site that he mentions .

A useful set of ideas here: Media, Arts and Humanities - Support and Resources from Careers and EntrepreneurshipDownload Media, Arts and Humanities - Support and Resources from Careers and Entrepreneurship

And a handout you can share with your students about careers advice

James Greenough and ARCs 

James Greenough, Senior Lecturer in English Language, talks about developing the Researching, Creating and Communicating in the Humanities modules for the BA using an Academic Reading Circles approach.

Here's an article that explains ARCs in more detail Links to an external site.


Martin Spinelli & The Rez

Episode 16 - Martin Spinelli, Professor in Podcasting and Creative Media, and executive producer, director and one of the writers on the recently-released adolescent emotional well-being sci-fi podcast drama The Rez, talks about the podcast, which has become the first podcast accredited for teaching in schools.

If you’d like to know more about The Rez you can find resources on the project web page (parents/teachers section) here: