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Dr Silvina Silva Aras

Post:School Tutor (History)
Other posts:Research Associate (Cultural Studies)
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I am a Doctor in Cultural Studies. My Thesis was about Racism and colonial heritage, called: La Goutte d’Or, a Sensory approach to Racism and Empire in a Parisian neighbourhood”.

I am currently a Research Associate at the Sussex Centre for Cultural Studies, developing a research agenda.





Doctor in Cultural Studies by the University of Sussex.

Viva result: Passed with minor corrections. Awarded in March.





PhD in Cultural Studies at the University of Sussex. Thesis: La Goutte d’Or, a Sensory approach to Racism and Empire in a Parisian neighbourhood”; submitted September 2021.

Supervisors: Dr. Malcolm D. James and Prof. Dr. Michael Bull.


PhD student in Social Anthropology, École de Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales-EHESS, Paris, France.

Supervisor: Dr. Prof. Jean-Loup Amselle.


M.A. in History & Social Science Research, University of San Andrés-UDESA, Argentina.

Thesis: “Africa as seen from Latin America: Construction of Postcolonial Identities in the 60’s and 70’s.” With a Scholarship from Fundación Antorchas and Universidad de San Andrés.



B.A. in History & Social Sciences (with a PGDE equivalent of two more years, able to Teach on Higher Education). University of Buenos Aires-UBA, Argentina. With a scholarship from the University of Buenos Aires. 


Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires, Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina. (A-Level equivalent, Secondary School Diploma).






Mother tongue








Basic (Understand and Read)


















Research Associate for the Sussex Centre of Cultural Studies-SCCS, University of Sussex. Developing research project: “Global South, southern epistemologies and South-South scholar collaborations”.

Illustrator artist for the project RESIST, (Visual Reporter) funded by CHASE and directed by:

B.Kaur, Effie Makepeace and Samantha Pointon. Brighton, UK. Creation of Posters and Images promotion.

School Tutor of School of Media, Arts and Humanities. Teaching Module: Global History from the Global South, University of Sussex, Brighton, UK.

Teacher Associate of Culture and Society, Department of Media and Cultural Studies, University of Sussex, School of Media Arts and Humanities, Brighton, UK.

Teacher Associate of Historical Controversy, University of Sussex, Department of History, School of Media Arts and Humanities, Brighton, UK.



Teacher Associate of Global History, from the Global South, University of Sussex, Department of History, School of Media Arts and Humanities, Brighton, UK.


Academic Peer Reviewer, Journal Excursions, Postgraduate Publication, University of SussexBrighton, UK


Illustrator/Designer, founder of Pencilory©. (member of the Association of Illustrators-AOI, UK) Commissions, hand-made product design. Sales in Belgium, France and the United Kingdom.



Academic Peer Reviewer for the Journal Avances del Cesor, CONICET (National Scientific Council), Argentina.



Online training designer, Supported the design of the online component of a masters course (5 ECTS) delivered by the EDGE Foundation, entitled “Democracy Support: Human Rights, Elections and Assistance” at the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium.


ART BRUSSEL, International Fair of Art. Working as an interpreter for Galería de las Misiones of Uruguay. Belgium, April.


Free-lance translator (Spanish-English-French), Ministry of Education, Spain. Documents on Immigration and Education Projects.


International Electoral Observer for the 2013 Presidential and Parliamentary elections, Madagascar (province of Androy). European Union Election Observation Mission (EU EOM).


Guest Lecturer. Seminar on Anglo-Saxon Historiography. (EHESS), Paris, France. Lecture on: African historiography & Subaltern and Postcolonial Studies.


Guest Lecturer. Seminar on Anglo-Saxon Historiography. (EHESS), Paris, France. Lecture on: African History from a postcolonial perspective.


Guest Lecturer. Seminar on Anglo-Saxon Historiography. (EHESS), Paris, France. Lecture on: Postcolonial and Subaltern Studies.


Researcher for the Project of the University of Buenos Aires Science and Technology-UBACYT on “African Diasporas”, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Electoral Assistance Expert, responsible for research and reporting on Ethnic Conflicts and Gender Issues within the Electoral Cycle in the Province of Chittagong (Bangladesh) for the International Republican Institute-IRI.


Teacher and Tutor. Design and deliver of the module: History of Development and Underdevelopment in the Global South at the Fundación Cultural y de Estudios Sociales, for the University of Valencia, Spain.


Free-lance translator (English-French-Spanish) for various clients including NGO’s and for European Union projects and reports; through About Languages S.L., Madrid, Spain.


Researcher. Member of the Research Group on Cultural Networks, CONICET, Dir. Álvaro Fernández Bravo / Claudio Maíz, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Electoral Assistance Expert with a focus on the civil and political rights of minority groups around electoral periods. Responsible for the management, logistical and security support for teams deployed within my areas of responsibility as well as liaising and meeting with all political, media, police and military as well as civil society stakeholders in these areas. The Carter Center (Democracy Program).

  • Mozambique: Provinces of Inhambane, Sofala, Gaza and Zambézia. Monitoring the electoral process before, during and after the 2004 Parliamentary elections; reporting on political and electoral rights and post-electoral analysis.
  • Ethiopia: Amhara Region, Oromia and Somali Regions. Monitoring of electoral campaigns; reporting on political and electoral rights and post-electoral analysis. Monitoring the post-election Electoral Dispute Processes following the May 2005 elections. Fact-finding missions in the Somali Region focusing on Ethnic Conflicts and power dynamics in the region.
  • Democratic Republic of Congo: Provinces of Kasaï and South Kivu. Monitoring of electoral processes for the two rounds of the 2006 Presidential and Parliamentary elections, reporting on political and electoral rights and post-electoral analysis.
  • Ghana: Northern Region and Eastern Region. Monitoring of the voter registration process, drafting reports on existing power dynamics and respect for national laws and procedures as well as the relevant human rights instruments subscribed to by Ghana.


Researcher. Member of the UBACYT Project on "Politics in Contemporary Africa", University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Teacher Associate. The “History of Colonisation and Decolonisation” (Africa and Asia) Undergratuates. Modules  Faculty of Philosophy and Letters, University of Buenos Aires-UBA, Argentina.


Researcher. Interdisciplinary Section on Asia and Africa, Ethnographic Museum, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Organizer of historical urban tours of Buenos Aires for different Spanish language schools and also for private companies, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Research assistant for the SECYT Pict.02 Project "Premises and visitors. Global knowledge, transnational knowledge”, Dir. Ricardo Salvatore, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Teacher of extracurricular courses on “African and Asian Studies”. University of Buenos Aires-UBA, Argentina.


Lecturer (and designer) of the Seminar: “Colonised colonisers. An introduction to Postcolonial Studies”, University of Buenos Aires-UBA, Argentina.


Research assistant for Prof. Roberto Cortés Conde, University of San Andrés-UDESA, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Researcher and Archivist (cataloguing of historical documents), General Archive of the Nation-AGN, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Librarian at the Interdisciplinary Section of African and Asian Studies, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Volunteer for SERPAJ (Peace and Justice Service) under the direct supervision of Adolfo Pérez Esquivel (Nobel Peace Prize -1980), supporting the design and delivery of Advocacy services and Program and Project management in Argentina. Responsible for running a radio program on the history of human rights Memoria de Elefante. Organization of public activities in support of various human rights campaigns. Partnership activities with CELS (Centro de Estudios Legales y Sociales) and LADH (Liga Argentina por los Derechos del Hombre).


RESEARCH OUTPUTS (conferences/presentations/events)



2022 August

Third Biennial Conference for the Society of History of Emotions, (SHE-Australia). Florence, Italy. Chair of a table on “Discrimination and Racism” and PresentationRacism and Discrimination Through My Ears: A Sensorial Approach to Feelings and Thoughts about Racism in a Small Postcolonial Parisian Neighbourhood. Funded by Western University, Australia.

2021 May 





2018 March

Uncommon Senses III, organised by the Centre for Sensory Studies,  of Concordia, Canada. Presentation: Methodologies on Sensorial Ethnography: sensing racism. (event replaced by on-line version due to Covid-19 situation).

Researching Popular Music: Methods, Debates and Publics. Participant. CHASE organised workshop, Goldsmiths University, London.

2011 December


Ethnographic Museum, University of Buenos Aires-UBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lecture: "El barrio de La Goutte d'Oren París - problemas de integración”.

2011 September

Colloquium "Sing a simple song", Ethnographic Museum of Neuchâtel, University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland. Presentation: "My Global Neighbourhood: political uses of musical festivals in La Goutte d'Or in Paris”. 

2011 July


4th Congress of the French Association of Sociology, Grenoble, France. Conference: "The political use of (multi) cultural festivals: the cases of La Goutte d'Or en Fête and the Festival de la Rue Léon".

2011 April

École de Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales-EHESS, Paris. France. Lecture: "Multiculturalism in France: music festivals in the La Goutte d'Or district in Paris”, invited speaker at the Seminar of Prof. J-L. Amselle (Anthropology between Primitivism and post colonialism).

2007 April

5th CEISAL (Centre for Research on Latin America of the European Union) International Congress, Brussels, Belgium. Presentation: "Subordinate cultural subjects on both sides of the Atlantic. European influence in Afro-Cuban identity politics in the Casa de las Américas periodical, 1960-1974", 

2006 November

Centre for Conflict Management and Prevention in the Great Lakes Region (CEGEC), Catholic University of Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo. Presentation: "Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara in Congo. The politics of the Third World”.

2006 June

3rd National Congress of ALADAA (Latin American Association for the Study of Asia and Africa), Buenos Aires, ArgentinaPresentation: "What does democracy mean in Africa?”. 

2005 September

10th Jornadas Interescuelas Departamentos de Historia, Rosario, Argentina. Presentation: "Vacillating categories: African and African-American as seen by Latin American intellectuals 1960-1974", 

2005 September


University of Salvador-USAL, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Lecture: “Culture and nation in Africa through the debate between L.S. Senghor and Wole Soyinka”.

2005 August

2nd Jornadas de Historia Reciente, University of Buenos Aires-UBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina. Presentation: "The African universe of Latin American Marxism: Ernesto ‘Che’ ’Guevara and Congo Journal", 

2002 October

3rd Jornadas de Historia Moderna y Contemporánea, National University of Rosario-UNR, Rosario, Argentina. Presentation: “European political and intellectual influences in Africa; Sartre in the head of L. S. Senghor ”


2000 October


10th International Congress of ALADAA (Latin American Association for the Study of Asia and Africa), Candido Mendes University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Presentation: "End of century debates on an Africanist and African historiography".

1999 September

7th Jornadas Interescuelas de Historia, National University of Comahue-UNComahue, Neuquén, Argentina. Presentation:"Argentina in comics or an approximation to recent Argentina from the FIERRO magazine,1983-1992" (with G. di Meglio and M. Franco).





Proposal state of my Doctoral Thesis.



Book Chapter,(in progress). “The Argentinian sound of Italian coffee-bars.

Sonic and cultural sensorialities in the case of Italian culture in Argentina or how subaltern sounds can become culturally hegemonic”. Proposal state,(ed. Malcolm James and Michael Bull).


Book Chapter: La différence fait la fête. Fêtes et festivals à La Goutte d’Or à Paris.  In Nicolàs Bénard: “Festivals, rave parties et free parties. Histoire des rencontres musicales en France et à l’étranger”, Paris, Editions du Camion Blanc.


Book Chapter: "What is understood by democracy in Africa? Crossroads of practices in the culture of clans of the Somali Region of Ethiopia ", in Pineau, M. Contemporary Africa. Political and historical studies , Ed. Imago Mundi, Buenos Aires.


Article: "The Discourse on Colonialism is Still Alive", in El Corresponsal de Medio Oriente y África, (Spanish)


Article (reprint): "American comics from the 1930s. A space of struggle for the construction of a discourse”, in the De Sur a Norte journal, Vol. 8, No 16, Buenos Aires, Argentina. (Spanish)


Article: "Cultural Subalterns on both sides of the Atlantic", in the Latin American Network Review, Brussels, Belgium.


Article: "For a Day for the African Journalist”, in El Corresponsal de Medio Oriente y África,


Dictionary of Global Terrorism (online), in Spanish and English. East View Information Services, INC, Minneapolis, USA, with Leandro Nagore.


Article: "Argentina in comics; or an approximation to recent Argentinian History from the FIERRO periodical, 1983-1992 ", with G. di Meglio and M. Franco, Entrepasados, Year XIV, Num. 27, Argentina.




Article: “Last discussions of the century on an Africanist and African science within Francophonie”, in Studia Africana, no 13, Centre of African Studies, Barcelona, Spain.


Article: "Life in technicolour. Recalling Léopold Sédar Senghor”, in El Corresponsal de Medio Oriente y África,





Book: "Historical maps of Asia and Africa, 15th to 20th centuries ", Publications Office of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters (OPFYL-UBA). With S. Galiana.




Article: "American comics from the 1930s. A space of struggle for the construction of a discourse”, in De Sur a Norte, Vol.3, No 4. Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Reviews of academic books on History for the Historical Magazine “Todo es Historia”, and the Journal “Taller”, Buenos Aires, Argentina.




Highly proficient in PC and Mac operating environments including Word, Excel, Power Point, Adobe Photoshop and Mac equivalents. Professional experience in Photoshop and other design software as well as in Webpage design and management.


Free-Lance Illustrator and designer, creator and founder of the brand Pencilory.



Member of the Association of Illustrators -AOI, London, United Kingdom.




Art Brussels, Gallery Assistant, Interpreter and Sales Assistant.




Online course "Make art that sells", imparted by Lilla Rogers from the Lilla Rogers Studio Artist Agency.




Bookbinding & Printing courses and practical training, Paris, France.


Creative Writing Workshops, Madrid, Spain.


School of Cinematographic Animation, Avellaneda Cinema School, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Clarinettist, Manuel de Falla Municipal Conservatory of Music, Buenos Aires, Argentina.








Finalist art piece: “Superhéroe”. Collective Exhibition contest for SUDESTADA International Illustration Festival. Centro Cultural Recoleta-CCR, Buenos Aires, Argentina.



Finalist art piece: “Timbre de Bruxelles”. Collective Exhibition in Maison de la Francité, Brussels, Belgium. 


Grant Scholarship for the research project “Local and Transnational Knowledge”, National Development and Technology Agency of Argentina (CONICET), University Torcuato Di Tella, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Grant Scholarship, Fundación Antorchas for a Masters’ degree at the University of San Andrés-UDESA, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


Undergraduate Fellowship Programme Grant. University of Buenos Aires-UBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina.


First Prize for a Contemporary Musical Short Story. Asociación Wagneriana, Buenos Aires, Argentina.





I am also a Free-Lance Illustrator, memeber of the Association of Illustrator in UK.

My website is