BBC Breakfast: Making quantum computers modular

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Researchers from the University of Sussex and Universal Quantum have demonstrated for the first time that quantum bits (qubits) can directly transfer between quantum computer microchips and demonstrated this with record-breaking speed and accuracy. This breakthrough resolves a major challenge in building quantum computers large and powerful enough to tackle complex problems that are of critical importance to society.


The future of quantum computing in academia and industry

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Professor Winfried Hensinger presented his personal journey spanning three continents and four countries, in a bid to achieve his goal of building a scalable quantum computer. He discussed the future of quantum computing and quantum technologies in academia and industry at the Careers in Quantum online event on 3 June 2021, organised by the University of Bristol Quantum Engineering Centre for Doctoral Training. You can watch the advice he gave here.

University announces strategic partnership with Universal Quantum

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We are happy to announce a strategic partnership with full stack quantum computing company Universal Quantum. Universal Quantum is a spin-out from the Sussex Ion Quantum Technology group. This partnership will allow us to develop and construct practical quantum computers. More information can be found here.

Sussex quantum physicist gives evidence to MPs on future of technology

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Professor Winfried Hensinger, Director of the SussexCentre for Quantum Technologies and Head of the Sussex Ion Quantum Technology Group appeared before the House of Commons’ Science and Technology Select Committee on 17 July, to give evidence as part of the Committee’s inquiry exploring the opportunities and challenges for new quantum technologies. (more…)

Sussex physicist advises German Parliament on quantum computing

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Professor Winfried Hensinger, Director of the Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies and Head of the Sussex Ion Quantum Technology Group, was invited by the German Parliament to testify about the ideas and technology behind quantum computing. (more…)