Professor Winfried Hensinger, Director of the Sussex Centre for Quantum Technologies and Head of the Sussex Ion Quantum Technology Group, was invited by the German Parliament to testify about the ideas and technology behind quantum computing.

Professor Hensinger’s group is developing quantum computers and there are multiple quantum computer prototypes in operation in his laboratory at the University of Sussex.

Professor Hensinger was asked to describe the applications and the engineering of the actual machines and to elucidate on opportunities and threats. He was invited to make recommendations on how Germany should engage with quantum computing. He was also asked to produce a written set of recommendations.

Along with many other recommendations, Professsor Hensinger suggested more bilateral cooperation between Germany and England in order to capitalize on the individual research strength between the two countries towards accelerating the development of practical quantum computers.

Testifying in a two-hour session of the parliamentary select committee ‘Digitale Agenda’, he answered questions by members of parliament about a broad range of issues ranging from applications and challenges to building such machines and threats to cryptography.

He gave an overview of the working principles of quantum computers, the advantages of different quantum computing platforms and his recommendations covering a broad range of issues relevant for the development of practical quantum computers.

The hearing of the parliamentary committee was broadcast live on German television. Listen to the recording along with a summary of the hearing.