Division of General Counsel, Governance and Compliance

International Partnerships and Collaborations

International Register of Interests: 

As part of the University’s response to the UUK Guidelines on Security-related Risks in Internationalisation, the University has created a register of international partnerships and collaborations.

For academic staff, the register covers partnerships/collaborations entered into with overseas institutions; or where their research is funded in whole or part by an institution or company based outside the UK; or where their research is funded in whole or in part by a government other than the UK Government (or devolved administration). It is not intended to cover collaboration with academics based outside the UK on writing papers, books, etc.

For PS staff, the register covers partnerships that are: joint enterprises with an institution based outside the UK; a project based outside the UK; a project that routinely employs an agency or persons based outside the UK; or a project that is funded in whole or in part by a company, institution or government based outside the UK.

If you have an international partnership or collaboration to declare, please complete a Declaration of Interests Form and return to Louise Spenceley in the Governance Office, GCGC.

A request for this information will be sent out on an annual basis, although members of staff should be encouraged to make declarations on a rolling basis as the relevant partnerships arise. 

Colleagues will only be asked to complete the form once and will be asked annually of any changes and/or new partnerships or collaborations. 

University Guest Authorisation Procedure:

As part of the University’s response to the UUK Guidelines on security-related risks, the University has rolled out of a unified system for authorising guests to the University (be that on campus or on our digital platforms), where there is potential for the guest to gain access to “restricted information” (intellectual property, research or knowledge).

The University Guest Authorisation Procedure should now be used to authorise guests (as defined within the guidance) and records retained locally in accordance with the Master Records Retention Schedule.  

Please complete a University Guest Authorisation Form in accordance with the above procedure.

If you have any questions regarding international partnerships and collaborations please contact Louise Spenceley who will be happy to help you. 

Further information:

Managing risks in Internationalisation : Business Continuity and Risk Management : Governance and Compliance : University of Sussex 

Reporting Concerns:

Please see below for more information about how to report concerns in relation to International Partnerships.

International Partnerships and Academic Freedom

If you have concerns relating to academic freedom and think any of the legal safeguards (set out below) are being transgressed as a result of our international partnerships, please contact academicfreedom-intlpartnerships@sussex.ac.uk.

Those safeguards (as they appear in HERA) are that academics have the right to:

a) carry out teaching and research; and

b) publish the outcomes of research,

in ways which question and test established ideas and may present unpopular points of view, without placing themselves in jeopardy of losing their jobs or privileges.

International Partnerships and Security Risks

If you have concerns about security-related risks arising from any international partnership, please contact security-intlpartnerships@sussex.ac.uk.