Division of General Counsel, Governance and Compliance

Strategy and Performance Committee

Terms of Reference and Membership 2023-24

Key Role:

On behalf of the Council, the Strategy and Performance Committee provides oversight of the development and content of the University’s Strategic Plan, working with the key executive to support the shaping of key supporting strategies , and thorough engagement loop back to Council. The Committee will monitor the University’s progress towards the strategic objectives, key performance indicators and strategic risk mitigation. On behalf of Council, monitor the University’s approach to ensuring compliance with and promotion of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion objectives. It will also exercise strategic oversight of the University’s People Strategy, policy and practice and monitoring how people strategies contribute to improved organisational performance.

Strategic process, implementation, and scrutiny

a) To work with the University’s Executive Team (UET) to formulate and recommend for Council’s approval the strategic process to be used in developing the overall strategy for the University, and any subsequent refresh of the strategy to ensure that all key stakeholders have an appropriate role in relation to its formulation.

b) To consider draft enabling strategies that support the overall institutional strategy and scrutinise the robustness and risk management surrounding enabling strategies.

c) On behalf of Council, monitor and review delivery of People Strategy agreed priorities and metrics. Provide oversight to key areas of People policy.

d) On behalf of Council, review updates on the University’s approach to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and delivery of agreed priorities and policies.

e) To act as a sounding board for the Executive to present early thinking in relation to a strategy or potential major initiative, to aid UET in refining options for further consideration.

f) Liaise and communicate effectively with other Council committees (e.g. Audit and Risk Committee regarding risk management) to ensure coordination.

Performance Monitoring

g) To monitor progress in the delivery of the University’s strategy and delivery plans including performance against key performance indicators/key performance targets, as agreed by Council. Advise Council on overall progress and areas for concern.

h) To consider the connectivity of distinct plans in order to meet the institution’s objectives.



  • Chair (independent member of Council
  • Two other independent members of Council
  • Academic member of Council
  • Student representative
  • Vice-Chancellor

In attendance

  • Deputy Vice-Chancellor
  • Chief Operating Officer and University Secretary
  • Pro VC Culture, Equality & Inclusion
  • Director of Finance
  • Director of HR

Deputising for members is not permitted without explicit agreement of the Chair.

The Committee cannot further delegate its responsibilities as set out above.

The Chair of Council will receive papers for information and have attendance rights.

Committee Management


Provided through Governance Office


A third of all members with a majority of independent members

Frequency of meetings

Three times per year

Reports to Council



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