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Social media can be a menace to the postgraduate researcher, offering a wealth of distractions. But it can also offer opportunities to communicate with other people in your field, regardless of location.

Sussex Online Researcher Profile

All postgraduate researchers can create a web profile using the University's new Elements system. This increases your visibility and helps other people find out about you and your research. You can include a biography, add your qualifications, list any publications, and also link to your blog and Twitter feed, if you have them.

To get started with your profile check out the Library's Elements webpages, and watch this introduction to Elements video:



Many academics are now on Twitter and some of them tweet useful information. Twitter is an excellent way of keeping in the know about the latest research and events in your field, and of promoting your own work. Even if you don’t tweet yourself, it’s worth creating an account to stay up-to-date and start developing your research networks, at Sussex and beyond.

Take a look at #phdchat for tips and support from researchers around the world!


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