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CHASE Student Support Funding

As a CHASE student you have access to extra funding to assist you with your research and to support training needs.

What is Student Support Funding?

Students may apply for funding for the following:

Research-related costs

-          Conference attendance in the UK or overseas, whether presenting or not

-          Study visits and fieldwork in the UK or overseas

-          Other primary research costs, e.g. equipment or artists materials

Training and development activities

-          Research skills training (including specialist IT) where not offered within CHASE

-          Advanced subject or language training where not offered in CHASE

Travel expenses

-          Travel to Encounters conference (note: this does not require prior approval)

-          Travel to CHASE training and development events and meetings

-          Travel to supervision/consultation meetings at other institutions

If you are traveling to an conference or other event overseas, please ensure you complete the University's Travel Insurance Application.

Am I eligible?

The following eligability applies:

Applicants must be CHASE award holders (including part-time and fees only awards) to receive Student Support Funding.

Funding will not be provided for students in the writing-up stage of their project.

Applications will not normally be for sums in excess of £1,000.

All applications for training and development activities must be in response to an identified development need.

Expenses claims must be accompanied by a short reflective report on the activity undertaken. These may be on the Support Funding Report Form

How do I apply?

Please complete the application form with as much detail as possible and return to the address below. Applications should include:

- clear, reasonable and evidenced break-down of your budget (e.g screen shots of potenital flight costs, links to conference fees, receipts)

- your supervisor's support statement must be signed (e-mail confirmation can be accepted in exceptional circumstances)

- other supporting evidence e.g. written confirmation of conference attendance

If the form does not include the above it will not be processed and will be returned to you for evidence to be provided.

Please return the form to 



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